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International Conference "Looking beyond the 50th Anniversary of the Covenants. What Interdependence and Indivisibility of Human Rights?"

Padova, 13 and 14 December 2016. The Conference aims to nurture a multi-disciplinary and multi-sectoral debate on the present and especially the future of human rights promotion, protection and implementation, setting the focus, in particular, on the evolution and state of realisation of the principle of interdependence and indivisibility ...
The Declaration on the right to peace is in the pipeline to the General Assembly of the United Nations

The Declaration on the right to peace is in the pipeline to the General Assembly of the United Nations

The 24th June 2016 the Human Rights Council of the United Nations endorsed a resolution recommending the General Assembly to adopt the “Declaration on the right to peace” as prepared by the Council’s Working Group in the course of four years of debate ...
Italian Yearbook of Human Rights 2016

Italian Yearbook of Human Rights 2016

The new edition of the Yearbook is out. The Italian Yearbook of Human Rights 2016, sixth in the series, provides a dynamic and up-to-date date overview of the measures Italy has taken to adapt its legislation and policies to international human rights law and to comply with commitments voluntarily assumed by the Italian Government at the international level ...
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When Science Trumps Law: seminar with prof. Alan McHughen. Padova, Human Rights Centre, Friday 14 October

In the framework of the academic activities for the a.y 2016/2017 connected to the ...
Insignia of Italian Republic

OSCE: Italy will chair the Organisation in 2018

Following a consensus decision of the 57 OSCE member States, Italy will chair the ...
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AHRI: Utrecht Declaration on Academic Freedom

In the framework of its annual human rights conference, held in Utrecht, The ...
The state coat of arms of Ukraine or commonly the Tryzub ("trident").

Human Rights in Ukraine

After gaining its independence in 1991, Ukraine signed and ...
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