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Vital Worlds in the Glocal Space
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Noemi Dal Monte, UNFPA, Côte d’Ivoire - Gender-based violence: The evolution of the responsibility to protect civilians from sexual violence during conflict in Côte d'Ivoire

Padua Human Rights Laboratory 2013-14

Second Round: April-May 2014. The Laboratory aims at fostering the scientific debate on current human rights topics, and stimulating a cross-cultural approach to issues of concern in Europe and outside Western Europe ...
Session I (10.30-12.30): Federico Mayor, President of the International Commission, Former Director General of UNESCO

MA Degree Programme in Human Rights and Multi-level Governance: The call for application for the academic year 2014/2015 is now open  

The course, taught in English, provides students with the knowledge and the competences required to protect and promote human rights in multi-level governance contexts, locally to internationally ...
International Conference "Representative Democracy and Political Participation. Towards a European Transnational Party System", Padua, 5-6 May 2014

Representative Democracy and Political Participacion. Towards a European Transnational Party System

International Conference of AUSE, University of Padua, Palazzo del Bo, 5-6 May 2014. The Conference is organized by Associazione Universitaria di Studi Europei in cooperation with Human Rights Centre of the University of Padua and the European Community Studies Association ECSA ...
Events and Updates
Events and Updates
Doves, symbols of peace, are freed near the shrine of Hazrat Ali in the city of Mazar Sharif, Afghanistan, on the International Day of Peace.

Right to Peace: the legal advisor of the Ambassador of Costa Rica at the UN to meet with the students of the University of Padua

On Wednesday, 2 April 2014, starting at 11 A.M. David Fernandez Puyana, the legal advisor of Ambassador Christian Guillermet Fernandez of the Costa Rican Mission at the United Nations in Geneva, holds a meeting with Padua University students. The event ...
A sign with the text "Conseil de l'Europe" in French, with the flags of some member states hanging above.

European Committee of Social Rights: Italy condemned for failing to provide access to services for pregnancy termination

In the decision delivered on 10th March 2014 in relation to the collective complaint n. 87/2012 (International Planned Parenthood Federation – European Network (IPPF EN) v. Italy), the European Committee of Social Rights of the Council of Europe (ECSR) ...
Logo Italian Coordination of Local Authorities for Peace and Human Rights

One after the other, Italian municipalities are endorsing a petitionary motion on the human right to peace

Italian Town Councils from Marsciano (Umbria) to Desenzano (Lombardia), from Certaldo (Toscana) to Reggio Emilia (Emilia Romagna), from Mesagne (Puglia) and Oderzo (Veneto) to Cattolica (Emilia Romagna), from Novara (Piemonte) to Guagnano (Puglia), from ...
The official flag of the League of Arab States

Human Rights within the Arab League

Founded in the aftermaths of the Second World War (22 March 1945) by 6 Arab States, the League of Arab States represents one of the first attempts in the region for the creation ...
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  • David Fernandez Puyana, Permanent Mission of Costa Rica, Geneva, April 2014
  • Pier Virgilio Dastoli, Presidente del Consiglio Italiano del Movimento Europeo, 22 febbraio 2014
  • L'Agenda italiana dei diritti umani: verso l'UPR 2014
  • Luisa Cremonese, UNHCR, november 2013
  • Martina Caterina, Norvegian Refugee Council, november 2013
  • Francesca Vietti, Italian Red Cross, november 2013
  • Noemi Dal Monte, UNFPA, Côte D'Ivoire, november 2013
  • Adrien-Claude Zoller, Geneva for Human Rights, november 2013
  • Alexander Sungurov, Higher School of Economics - Saint Petersburg, november 2013
  • Petra Roter, University of Ljublijana, november 2013
  • Annuario italiano dei diritti umani 2013, Roma, 19 settembre 2013
  • Simulazione della Commissione Affari Costituzionali del Parlamento Europeo, 3 giugno 2013
  • UNICEF Veneto: Presentazione del Rapporto 2013 "Bambini e disabilità", 30 maggio 2013
  • Gianni Magazzeni, Ufficio dell'Alto Commissariato ONU per i diritti umani, 21 maggio 2013
  • Mons. Silvano Tomasi, Osservatore per la Santa Sede presso le NU, Ginevra, 21 maggio 2013
  • Roland Chauville, UPR Info, Geneva, 21 may 2013
  • Internship experience at the Human Rights Centre: Hélène Renié
  • Erasmus placement experience at the Human Rights Centre: J. Ludwig Pelzl
  • Erasmus placement experience at the Human Rights Centre: Corina Gui
  • Lucia Franchini, Difesa civica e salute, 17 giugno 2013
  • Why studying Human Rights at the University of Padua?
  • Studenti in diritti umani dell'Università di Padova, Ginevra, maggio 2013
  • Veronica Forcignanò, Child Rights Officer at Plan International - Geneva, 22 May 2013
  • Siria: Simulazione del Consiglio di Sicurezza delle Nazioni Unite, 18 marzo 2013
  • Siria: presentazione della simulazione del Consiglio di Sicurezza delle Nazioni Unite