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Activities and Publications

Collection of 100 Study Papers and Essays, 2001-2005

Contribution of ideas by the UNESCO Chairs for the construction of a World Order founded on the International law on human rights and peace

The collection of one hundred papers elaborated by several UNESCO Chair holders in Human Rights, Democracy, Peace, and Tolerance is open to public consultation. These chair holders are currently active at 57 Universities in various regions of the world (Nablus, Cambridge, Padova, Mexico City, Seul, Kiev, Namibia, Belarus, Moscow, etc). The collection ("Collection of 100 Study Papers and Essays, 2001-2005", pp. 478) was edited by Gerald Mader, President of the European University Center for Peace Studies (EPU), based in Stadtschlaining, Austria, and in collaboration with the UNESCO headquarters.

The papers are subdivided under the following thematic sections:

  • Human rights and democracy/Education;
  • Culture of peace and tolerance/Education for peace;
  • Human rights/Human rights education;
  • Society, culture of peace and tolerance/Multicultural education;
  • Human rights and development/Human rights education;
  • Tolerance, gender, minorities/Intercultural education.

The collection contains four essays by Prof. Antonio Papisca, UNESCO Chair Holder:

  • Human Rights and Democracy and the primacy of politics (2001);
  • Intercultural dialogue for what? The human rights and democracy response (2002);
  • A "Universal Convention" for the reform of the United Nations: Lessons from the European integration process (2003);
  • The nightmare of an armed multilateralism à la Carte urges for a UNESCO Declaration on the Human Right to Peace (2004-2005).

The collection may also be used at universities for the preparation of Master's thesis, as well as for the development of specific training (through scholastic education programs on peace, human rights, intercultural dialogue, and solidarity) and for school programs involving socio-political associations, voluntary groups, dioceses, and local governments.


Other publications

  • Annual Reports on the Activities of the UNESCO Chairs, from 2001;
  • Third International Meeting of Chairholders of UNESCO Chairs in Human Rights, Democracy, Peace and Tolerance, Final Report, (24-27 April 2002, Stadtschlaining, Austria).

Item 1 : Experience of UNESCO Chairs in Human Rights, Democracy, Peace and Tolerance, accumulated since the Second Meeting of Chairholders (May 2000)
Item 2: The role of UNESCO Chairs in the elaboration and implementation of UNESCO’s research agenda in the field of human rights, in particular economic, social and cultural
rights, as a constituent part of UNESCO’s strategy in the field of human rights
Item 3: Priority fields of action of UNESCO Chairs in the years to come
Item 4: Strengthening the network of UNESCO Chairs and increasing their contribution to the implementation of relevant UNESCO programmes
Item 5: Discussion and approval of the final documents of the meeting

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