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Antonio Papisca Human Rights Defender

Antonio Papisca, Master of Science and mentor, dedicated his life to the education of young people, of teachers and to scientific research. He was a man of democratic institutions, a man of great human value and intellect. He was accomplished in uniting scientific precision with commitment to build a fairer, equal, more democratic society. Like every great teacher, Papisca built a school around his ideas, which was attended by students, professors, local administrators and volunteers. A man of faith who fought with the strength of love and non-violence for peace and human rights, both through his teaching and research and through his civil commitment. He devoted himself completely to his cause; he went to speak in schools and universities, in churches, charities, and in council meetings… he taught us that values are not optional, that education is the main instrument to promote respect for human rights and active citizenship, that multilateralism and international democracy are the only way to stop war, that rights must prevail over force, that peace is possible. The legacy that he leaves us with is tremendous, the responsibility every bit as great. 

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