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Collaborations and activities in the framework of the European Union

Besides the two joint Council of Europe/European Union peer to peer projects the Centre has been working on several programs and activities realised in the framework of the European Union.

European Master and EIUC

In 1997 the Human Rights Centre promoted the European Master's Degree in Human Rights and Democratisation (E.MA), a Venice-based advanced higher education program that involves 41 universities from around the European Union. The Centre served as the original coordinator and supervisor of this program until 2003, at which time it began to promote its further development as an integrated academic diploma (European Joint Degree) within the framework of the "Bologna Process." The Centre also played a very important role in the subsequent establishment of the European Inter-University Centre for Human Rights and Democratisation (EIUC) as an institutional and administrative foundation for the management of the European Master, the Venice School of Human Rights and the Venice Academy of Human Rights.

Visit the specific section of the website dedicated to the European Master


Action Jean Monnet

The Centre has further consolidated the European and international profile of its existing curricula of teaching and research activities setting up a Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence on Intercultural Dialogue, Human Rights and Multi-level Governance, focused on capacity building and curriculum development. The Centre also hosts the Jean Monnet Chair ad honorem held by Professor Antonio Papisca, the Jean Monnet Chair on Globalisation and Inclusiveness in the European Union, held by Prof. Léonce Bekemans, the Jean Monnet Chair on European Union Political System, held by Prof. Marco Mascia and the Jean Monnet Module on Sport and Human Rights in European Union Law held by Prof. Jacopo Tognon.

Visit the specific section of the website dedicated to the European Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence and the Jean Monnet Chairs


Committee of the Regions

Since 2008 the Centre has been participating to the Ateliers promoted by the Committee of the Regions, a laboratory where new concepts are tested, views shared, and innovative ideas developed and integrated in the EU decision making process.

Specifically, Prof. Antonio Papisca has participated to the First Atelier on 10 September 2008 on the theme "The (New) Concept of Multilevel Governance", and to the Fourth Atelier on the theme of "Multilevel Governance in a Multi-Polar World"; Prof. Antonio Papisca and Prof. Marco Mascia has participated together to the Eleventh Atelier on 22 June 2010 on the theme "The elaboration of a European Charter on Multilevel Governance; a strenghened commitment to a multilevel democracy"

Visit the page of the EU Committee of the Region website dedicated to the Ateliers

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Other collaborations on European Union Initiatives

In the framework of the first Conference of the European Union on intercultural dialogue (2002), promoted and organised by the European Commission, Action Jean Monnet and the European Community Studies Associations (ECSA-World), Prof. Antonio Papisca and Prof. Léonce Bekemans had an important role participating in the Scientific Committee and coordinating, respectively, Session 4 "Human Rights and Democracy" and Session 5 "Globalisation and Solidarity" of the Conference.

Visit the page of the European Commission website dedicated to the Conference

On 18 March 2010, Prof. Antonio Papisca contributed to the hearing on the institutional aspects of the European Union accession to the European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms (ECHR) held at the European Parliament headquarters in Bruxelles.

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