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Vital Worlds in the Glocal Space
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Urban Morgan Institute for Human Rights

University of Cincinnati (public) – School of Law

Founded in 1979, the Urban Morgan Institute has trained generations of human rights defenders and has been the model for many human rights programs across the United States. Its main areas are education, research, and service. UMI’s significant feature is the Human Rights Quarterly, recognized as the leading academic journal in the human rights field and followed extensively around the world.

Publications / Reports
Human Rights Quarterly: A Comparative and International Journal of the Social Sciences, Humanities, and Law (Editor: The John Hopkins University Press) offers an interdisciplinary forum to academics in the fields of law, philosophy, and the social sciences. It is published in the months of February, May, August, and November by the Urban Morgan Institute for Human Rights, of the College of Law, of the University of Cincinnati.

Online resources and databases
Resources on human rights cases are available online

E-mail (Nancy S. Ent, director)



Peace Resource Center

Wilmington College (private)

Affiliated with Quaker teachings, the Peace Resource Center was founded in 1975 with the mission “to foster and provide peace education in schools, communities and the world by building on own unique Hiroshima/Nagasaki Memorial Collection and other peace resources.” The Collection houses the largest number of WWII atomic bombing materials outside of Japan.

Online resources and databases
The Center's biannual newsletter is accessible online

Teachers Peace Resources are available online




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