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Asian Research Center for Migration (ARCM)

Chulalongkorn University / Bangkok, Thailand


The Indochinese Refugee Information Center (IRIC), as an unit of the Institute of Asian Studies, Chulalongkorn University, was established in 1987 to observe and study refugees and displaced persons from Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam and later from Myanmar/Burma, who were seeking asylum in Thailand. Due to resettlement abroad and repatriation, few Indochinese asylum seekers remain in Thailand and other Asian nations. Yet starting around the same period, major concerns emerged with respect to regional migration (both legal and illegal), the magnitude of this migration, and the lack of in-depth knowledge about it throughout Southeast Asia. In late 1994, in consultation with, and with the encouragement of national and international institutions, the Institute of Asian Studies decided to broaden IRIC's terms of reference with the aim of establishing a regional center focusing on migration from a global perspective and providing services to both the public and the private sectors. On 1 January 1995, IRIC was renamed the Asian Research Center for Migration (ARCM).


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Asian Research Center for Migration (ARCM)

Institute of Asian Studies, Chulalongkorn University

7th floor, Prachadhipok-Rambhai Barni Building,

Phyathai Road, Bangkok, 10330 Thailand

ph (662) 218-7462, 218-7415 , 218-7419

fax (662) 255-1124, 255-8854

e-mail: arcm@chula.ac.th, supang.c@chula.ac.th



Institute for Human Rights and Peace Studies

Mahidol University / Bangkok, Thailand


The Center for Human Rights Studies and Social Development (CHRSD) was established in 1996 by Mahidol University with the aim of providing education and research opportunities in the area of human rights. It was renamed the Institute for Human Rights and Peace Studies in 2011. The Institute runs an international Graduate Program in Human Rights, leading to a Masters of Human Rights, and a number of research and other activities. It also offers an International PhD course in Human Rights and Peace Studies, and a Masters of Human Rights and Development in Thai language.

The Masters of Human Rights is the only Masters human rights program offered in the South East Asian region. It attracts students from around the world, and students from about twenty countries have graduated or are completing their research.

The Institute aims to develop the ways and means by which human rights are transformed into social and political realities at the community, national and international levels. It does so primarily through educating human rights practitioners, but also through outreach programs to community and international organizations, and by conducting cutting edge research on issues of crucial importance to human rights.


ASEAN Human Trafficking, Case Studies of Cambodia, Thailand and Vietnam (International Studies in Human Rights), 2014.

Rights to Culture: Heritage, Language, and Community in Thailand”, Coeli Barry, the Institute of Human Rights and Peace Studies, Mahidol University, 2013.

Southeast Asian Human Rights Network (SEAHRN) Human Rights and Peace in Southeast Asia Series, 2011,2013.


Institute for Human Rights and Peace Studies

Faculty of Graduate Studies

Mahidol University

Salaya Campus

Nakhon Pathom, 73170

Bangkok, Thailand

ph (662) 441 4125, ext 400, 401.

fax (662) 8892151

e-mail: ohrsd@yahoo.com; admin@humanrights-mu.org; humanrights@mahidol.ac.th


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