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Washington, D.C.

Human Rights Institute

Georgetown University (private) – School of Law


Founded in 1979 to enhance Georgetown Law School human rights activities, the Human Rights Institute provides scholarly opportunities and careers in the human rights field, facilitates interaction between human rights defenders and government leaders, and conducts human rights research to address key issues.

Online resources and databases
A list of online libraries related to human rights is made available online

rst@law.georgetown.edu (Rachel S. Taylor - Director and Adjunct Professor of Law)

Center for Human Rights and Humanitarian Law

American University (private) – Washington College of Law


Founded in 1990, the Center for Human Rights and Humanitarian Law provides opportunities for students, practitioners, and activists through education, workshops, conferences, research, and publications. It strives to enhance the understanding and implementation of human rights and humanitarian law domestically and internationally and to create innovative tools and strategies for the creative advancement of international norms.

Publications / Reports
Human Rights Brief (editor n/a) is a student-organized publication that deals with the development of international human rights law and humanitarian law. Published three times a year, it provides law analysis on human rights issues.

Online resources and databases
Podcasts and lectures on human rights subjects are available online

Lecture webcasts on human rights subjects are viewable online

A list of the Center's publications is made available online http://www.wcl.american.edu/humright/center/pubs.cfm





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