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Dichiarazione universale dei diritti umani commentata da Antonio Papisca

Antonio Papisca (2018)
Other Publications
Last update 27/11/2018

Annuario italiano dei diritti umani 2018

AA.VV. (2018)
Last update 16/07/2018
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Italian Yearbook of Human Rights 2017

AA.VV. (2017)
Last update 21/08/2018

Religion, Human Rights, and the African Widow

Mary Nyangweso (2017)
Article / Essay
Last update 29/11/2017

The Adoption of the Declaration on the Right to Peace by the United Nations: a Human Rights Landmark

Christian Guillermet Fernández, David Fernández Puyana (2017)
Article / Essay
Last update 05/10/2017

Human Rights and Biopolitics between Sovereign Power, Domination and Genealogies

Domenico Castellani (2017)
Article / Essay
Last update 05/10/2017

Using social media in natural disaster management: a human-rights based approach

Paolo De Stefani (2017)
Article / Essay
Last update 05/10/2017


AA.VV. (2017)
Article / Essay
Last update 05/10/2017

Women with Disabilities: Towards a More Effective Protection

Daniela Fanciullo, Anna Iermano (2017)
Article / Essay
Last update 29/09/2017

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