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Tools for sharing contents on the web

The website Archivio Pace Diritti Umani – Peace Human Rights integrates with contents on other platforms and online services.

The English version of the website provides the following subscriptions:


Feed RSS: Updates of all the contents published on the website. Rss Feed is a useful tool to fast and easily receive updates from our website. The feed can be uploaded on your website, blog or social network.

Facebook Page Archivio Pace Diritti Umani: Like our page and share your points of view, events, useful links. You can find also unreleased sections related to schools and education on human rights.

Twitter @_dirittiumani: Follow our twitter account to be updated with news and events and to follow our live reports.

YouTube: playlist, documentation, video-interviews realized at events and confereces.

Moodle: e-learning platform to support the educational activities of the Human Rights Centre.

Paper.li: Archivio Pace Diritti Umani is out! Follow our daily publications (work in progress)

Other multimedia contents are available here:

Podcastsaudio files with the speeches of speakers and experts at conferences promoted by the Human Rights Centre.

Gallerie fotografiche: photographic documentation of the activities organised by the Human Rights Centre / Archivio Pace Diritti Umani – Peace Human Rights.


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