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Corso di formazione "In spirito di fratellanza", 4-5 dicembre, Padova

Training Course on Human Rights and Global Citizenship "In spirito di fratellanza", University of Padova, 4-5th of December 2017

On the 4th and 5th of December 2017, the inaugural training course of human rights and global citizenship "In spirito di fratellanza" (In the spirit of Brotherhood) will take place in Aula Magna "Galileo Galilei" at the Unversity of Padova, as part of the National Program of Education about human rights and the global citizenship “Diritti e Responsabilità” (Rights and Responsibilities) promoted in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, University, and Research.

The initiative, dedicated to Professor Antonio Papisca, will be an occasion to inaugurate the Year of Human Rights, the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Constitution of the Italian Republic.

The event is organized by the Centre for Human Rights "Antonio Papisca" of the University of Padova, the National Coordination of Local Authorities for Peace and Human Rights, Municipality of Padova, MIUR - General Direction for the Student, Integration and Participation, National Network for Peace Schools, Table of Peace. 

For more information and for the complete programme (in italian), consult the link below.

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