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Provisional Structure of the Conference

The Conference is planned to be structured as follows: 1) Opening plenary session (morning 27th November): will focus on the debate about the challenges that different disciplinary approaches and ...

Last update 18 Jul 2017
Workshop "Human Rights for Children"
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International Conference “The Role of Human Rights Research: Current Challenges and Future Opportunities”

The University of Padova Human Rights Centre, in the framework of the activities of the International Joint Ph.D. Programme 'Human Rights, Society, and Multi-level Governance', is organising an ...

Last update 11 Aug 2017
Cover Peace Human Rights Governance Journal PHRG - 2017
[Events and Updates]

PHRG - Peace Human Rights Governance: Second issue released of the scientific journal of the University Human Rights Centre

The second issue of the University of Padova Human Rights Centre's new scientific journal, Peace Human Rights Governance (PHRG), has been released.  PHRG is an academic peer-reviewed journal ...

Last update 14 Jul 2017
Cover of the Journal PEace Human Rights Governance
[Events and Updates]

Human Rights Centre: Call for papers for the third PHRG issue of 2017

From today up to 3 September 2017, original research articles submitted to the Peace Human Rights Governance (PHRG) will be considered for the third issue of the Journal first volume (PHRG ...

Last update 16 Jun 2017
Servizio civile con l'Università di Padova, 2017
[Events and Updates]

Call for National Civil Service Volunteers: Human Rights Centre offers a project for 4 volunteers "Our Rights, Our Responsibilities"

The University of Padova Human Rights Centre has launched the new National Civil Service project called “Our rights, our responsibilities" (I nostri diritti, le nostre responsabilità). ...

Last update 8 Jun 2017
Antonio Papisca during the hearing on the Accession of the European Union to the European Convention on Human Rights, Strasbourg, 18 March 2010.
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Antonio Papisca Human Rights Defender

Antonio Papisca, Master of Science and mentor, dedicated his life to the education of young people, of teachers and to scientific research. He was a man of democratic institutions, a man of great ...

Last update 17 May 2017
Cover Peace Human Rights Governance Journal PHRG - 2017
[Institutional Contents]

PHRG - Peace Human Rights Governance Journal

Peace Human Rights Governance (PHRG) is the new open-access scientific journal of the Human Rights Centre of the University of Padova, which prosecutes the ten-year experience developed by ...

Last update 19 Jul 2017
[Events and Updates]

The Higher Education Institute of European Political Studies (ISESP) of Reggio Calabria publishes the new series of SUDEUROPA, quarterly of European civilization and culture

The second series of SUDEUROPA, the quarterly of European civilization and culture, founded in 1978 and now directed by prof. Daniele Cananzi, has recently been released. In the new edition, the ...

Last update 21 Feb 2017
Voting at the General Assembly. In the upper left, the emblem of the United Nations.
[Events and Updates]

The global civil society reclaim the recognition of the right to peace at UN General Assembly

In view of the submission of the Declaration on the Right to Peace for adoption at the UN General Assembly during its current session, the Human Rights Centre of the University of Padova subscribes ...

Last update 7 Nov 2016
Campaign Logo with "50th Anniversary of the Human Rights Covenants"
[Institutional Contents]

International Conference "Looking beyond the 50th Anniversary of the Covenants. What Interdependence and Indivisibility of Human Rights?"

On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the UN covenants on economic, social and cultural rights and on civil and political rights, the Human Rights Centre of the University of Padova, in ...

Last update 17 Jul 2017

The Declaration on the right to peace is in the pipeline to the General Assembly of the United Nations

Antonio Papisca, Marco Mascia (2016)

Human Rights Academic Voice

Last update 8 Oct 2016

Italian Yearbook of Human Rights 2016

AA.VV. (2016)


Last update 5 Sep 2016

Annuario italiano dei diritti umani 2016

AA.VV. (2016)


Last update 1 Sep 2016
[Events and Updates]

Final Conference of the TEMVI Project on situations of severe exploitation and trafficking of minors involved in criminal activities

The Final Conference of the TEMVI Project, which took place in Venice (Italy) last July 7th 2016, was organised with the particular purpose of presenting the outcomes of the project. ...

Last update 11 Jul 2016
A collection of project partners' logos
[Institutional Contents]

Project Description

The TEMVI project has been co-funded by the Prevention of and Fight against Crime Programme of the European Union. Grant: HOME/2013/ISEC/AG/THB/400000549 The project is led by the Human Rights ...

Last update 30 Jan 2017
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