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Photo Exhibition "VolunTour: Better Environment – Better Tomorrow"

150 days in Nepal with the European Voluntary Service (EVS) From 28th February to 16th March 2018 Centro di Ateneo per i Diritti Umani “Antonio Papisca” Venue: Aula Iqbal Masih, Via ...

Last update 5 Mar 2019
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EXPO 2015: “Feeding the Planet?” Cycle of seminars and call for papers

In view of the Universal Exposition of Milan, which will take place from May 1st to October 31st 2015 and is devoted to the theme “Feeding the planet, Energy for life”, a group of civil ...

Last update 15 Jan 2014
The sun shines in a blue sky surrounded by white clouds; at the bottom, the silhouette of some trees with red leaves.

Defining sustainability

The common shared definition of sustainable development was given by the Brundtland Report in 1987 where sustainable development is defined as the "development that meets the needs of the present ...

Last update 26 Oct 2011
A woman seats on the ground of a bare land with her hands turned towards the observer

The weaknesses of the sustainability criteria in the RED

The Renewable Energy Directive, adopted in 2009 by the EU, establishes sustainability standards for agrofuels both produced within the EU and imported from third countries. In order to fulfil the ...

Last update 26 Oct 2011
A farmer gathers wheat in Bamyan, Afghanistan

Sustainability criteria in the RED: decision-making process and final outcome

Since the beginning of the process, many issues emerged from the impact assessment as interrelated elements to the agrofuels production: they focused on GHG emissions, biodiversity, environment, ...

Last update 26 Oct 2011