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English version of "Pace Diritti Umani - Peace Human Rights" new website

The English version of the new website Archive "Pace Diritti Umani - Peace Human Rights" was made available to the public on 3rd May 2010.

The current version of the website is a the furthest evolution of the information and communication activities developed in the Internet since the beginning of the 90's through an initial BBS (Bulletin Board System), and then with an homepage with specific sections, accessible through the World Wide Web.

Moreover, this is the first version of the website fully published in a foreign language, that is English.

The website is managed and edited by the Interdepartmental Centre on Human Rights and the Rights of Peoples of the University of Padua on the basis of the agreement with the Region of Veneto, as provided for in Regional Law 16 December 1999, No. 55 "Regional Interventions for the Promotion of Human Rights, the Culture of Peace, the Cooperation to Development and Solidarity"

Despite their almost identical graphical look and contents structuring, the Italian and the English versions show several differences. In fact, the English website does not correspond to a full translation of the main Italian one.

The contents in the two sites are therefore independent of one another.

Differences from the Italian version and peculiarities

The main objective of the English version is to introduce and present to a non-Italian public historical and future activities, projects and partnerships of the Interdepartmental Centre/Regional Archive and to keep foreign users updated on current and future events regarding the Interdepartmental Centre and its partners.

For this reason, the sections of the site specifically dedicated to an Italian audience (events noticeboard, some databases, news on human rights at the international level, etc.) do not appear in the English version.

Here is, in details, an explication of the main differences from the Italian version:

Only two of the seven databases offered by the original website in the left column - Publications and Rights of People with Disabilities - can be accessed directly through the English version. The remaining databases, which include contents only in Italian, can be accessed only from the Italian version through a direct link contained in the 'databases' presentation page of the English version.

Contents (News and in-depth analysis)
These contents are independent and do not constitute a translation of what is provided in the Italian site. Given the finality of the English site, the news provided here regard only the Interdepartmental Centre and its activities (including its main partners and the activities of the students of the Faculty of Political Science of the University of Padua). The in-depth section presents single articles or group of articles written directly in English by visiting staff or students.

Institutional Activities/Partnerships
The contents of the Institutional Activities sections (that is the left column) are similar to the Italian website in structure but they may be shorter and less detailed.