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Corso di Relazioni Internazionali (A.A. 2007-2008)

Prof. A. Papisca, Cattedra Unesco "Human Rights, Democracy and Peace"

Now Available the entire material of the 5821th Security Council meeting (PAMUN project) held by prof. Papisca’s Honourable Students on 22nd January 2008.

On 22nd January 2008 has taken place a simulation of a Security Council meeting held by a group of eighteen students of the course of International Relations. The aim was voting a Resolution concerning the problematic situation of Southern Caucasus, in particular as regards the Georgian and the Nagorno-Karabakh question. The project also included the creation of three peace plans guidelines on the major conflicts, as well as three protocols regarding the minorities protection, the refugees and IDPs and the oil pipelines issues.

The materials contains an informal debate among the Russian Federation, Georgia and the USA, and the speeches taken by each delegate of the Security Council, including the Observer States.