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Frequently Asked Questions about enrollment procedures

How many places are available?

- unrestricted access for EU and non-EU citizens legally residing in Italy;

- 60 places available for non-EU citizens not residing in Italy; of these, 4 places are reserved for Chinese students on the “Marco Polo” Programme. 

Which academic qualifications are required?

In order to be eligible for admission, candidates are required to be in possession of a first-cycle university qualification

1) Providing them with adequate competences and skills in all the following subject areas:

- Interdisciplinary education (this includes: History, Philosophy, Pedagogy, Psychology, Economics and Statistics, or a combination thereof)
- Law
- Political and social sciences
- Foreign languages: good command of French, Spanish or German language, in addition to a proficiency in English, is required.

2) Of a high standard, i.e. aligned with an Italian first-cycle degree with a final grade of 100/110 or higher.

Admission to the course is subject to a preliminary assessment by a Teaching Committee. Should it encounter any difficulties in establishing an equivalence between the foreign qualification and the relevant Italian first-cycle degree, in converting the foreign final graduation grade into the Italian grading system or in verifying the minimum credits required for admission, the Teaching Committee will evaluate the applicant’s overall curriculum. Once the Committee has assessed the candidates and decided whether they meet the admission and curricular requirements and have an adequate educational background, a final ranking list for non-EU citizens only will be drawn up solely to be used in case the number of eligible candidates should exceed the number of places available. 

How do I submit my application?

Candidates that are not already in possession of credentials to log into

first need to register by filling in their personal details on

At the end of the registration procedure, candidates will receive a username and a provisional password (activation code) to use when connecting to the website
https://uniweb.unipd.it/password/index.php/en/utenti/identifica/azione/a ;

they will then need to set  up three security questions and a new password with which they will be able to access the reserved area by logging into

They will then need to click on the labels Home -> Evaluation Test –> Proceed with a new pre-enrollment -> Pre-enrollment for unlimited places -> Type of course: ‘Second cycle degree’, select the degree course they are interested in and proceed through the application to final confirmation.

Which documents should I attach to my pre-enrollment application?

You have to upload the following documents:

- curriculum vitae written in English;
- transcript of records for any qualifications obtained abroad, preferably including ECTS statistics; for those countries in which it is issued, the Diploma Supplement can be uploaded in place of the transcript of records;
- English and other language certifications, if any;
- copy of the residence permit to stay in Italy for non-EU citizens residing in Italy only;
- copy of an identity document (either identity card or passport).

Candidates will be required to submit further documents at the enrollment stage.

Please notice that non-Italian candidates have to comply with some specific rules: detailed information is available at

When do I know whether my application has been accepted?

The assessment results will be published on

Do I have to possess a certificate of English language before applying?

No specific certificate is required. Each candidate however must be aware that all classes are taught in English and that also written assignments and the thesis will be written in English. Moreover, by the end of the first year students will have to pass a B2 level test of English.

What about tuition fees and scolarships?

Information are available at: 

The amount depends on the student’s ISEE (Equivalent Economic Status Index), which is based on his/her personal and family income. You will be assisted to fill in the forms necessary for the determination of you ISEE. The student’s citizenship does not affect the fees’ amount.

What about housing and canteen facilities?

Information are available at: 

What if I have a disability or special need?

Students with disability or dyslexia may contact the University Disability and Dyslexia Service (https://www.unipd.it/en/students-special-needs ) to report any special needs they may have or to enquire about tuition fees reductions and services available for support in relation to class attendance.

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