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Copertina del Tascabile 6
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Booklets, Educational CD-roms and Toolkit

The Human Rights Centre Booklets Among the peace and human rights education activities the Human Rights Centre has been publishing a new series of pocket size easy to be read books.  ...

Last update 26 Jan 2017
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Series “Studies and researches on Human rights”

This series was begun in 1988 to mark the 40th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human rights Part of the volumes are freely downloadable in pdf file, For advanced queries (authors, ...

Last update 24 Apr 2020
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Review "Pace, diritti dell'uomo, diritti dei popoli” (Peace, human rights, rights of the peoples)

1987 marks the starting point of the four-monthly Review "Pace, diritti dell'uomo, diritti dei popoli" (Peace, human rights, rights of the peoples) - firstly published by Liviana Publishing, then by ...

Last update 24 Apr 2020
Pie chart on Reports and relations on the implementation of the Regional Law 55/1999

Reports and relations on the implementation of the Regional Law No. 55/1999

In this page relations and reports on the implementation of the Regional Law No. 55/1999 are available

Last update 11 Mar 2019
The outline of two doves characterize the logo commemorating the tenth anniversary of the "Legge Regionale" 55/1999, which calls for regional assistance in the promotion of human rights, a culture of peace, cooperation in its development, and solidarity.

Veneto Today for the World of Tomorrow

The fourth edition of the "Regional Conference for Development Cooperation, International Solidarity, Human Rights and the Culture of Peace” was held in Treviso at the Casa dei Carraresi, on ...

Last update 26 Jan 2017
Paperback cover of Regional Conference "La regione del veneto per i diritti umani, la pace e la cooperazione allo sviluppo", Padua, 2002. Drawing of a book with two hands gathering on centre-stage, on background Balbi palace, head office of Regional Counc

Committee for Human Rights and a Culture of Peace

The Committee for human rights and a culture of peace was established by Regional Law n. 55/1999, Art. 12. The Committee has the task of contributing to the development of triennial programmes, ...

Last update 11 Mar 2019
Picture of volumes of Review Pace diritti umani - Peace human rights, issued by the Human Rights Centre
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Review "Pace diritti umani - Peace human rights"

New Series, Marsilio Publishing, Venezia Director: Antonio Papisca Pace diritti umani - Peace Human Rights is the four-monthly Review of the Human Rights Centre of the University of Padua, ...

Last update 24 Apr 2020
Detail of the logo of the Archive Peace Human Rights

Functions and Activities

The Regional Archive Peace Human Rights aims to disseminate information about the activity of civil society associations and promote the creation of networks and communication channels with the ...

Last update 27 Jan 2017
Tenth anniversary of the Regional Law 55/1999
[Events and Updates]

Regional Law No. 55/1999: Annual Plans and Project Announcement 2010 on the promotion of human rights, culture of peace and decentralized cooperation to development

In accomplishment of the Annual implementation plans on human rights and a culture of peace and on decentralized cooperation to development, approved by the Regional Government of the Veneto, the ...

Last update 20 May 2010
Cine camera
[Events and Updates]

FORhUManity: film exhibitions on human rights promoted by the students of the University of Padua’s Faculty of Political Sciences

Programme: Thursday, March 11th Vite in Cammino directed by Cristina Mecci, Italy 2009, 40' Thursday, March 18th Flow directed by Irene Salina, 2008, 84’ Thursday, April 1st Fast food nation ...

Last update 28 Apr 2010
Marcia per la Pace Perugia-Assisi, 24 settembre 1995. Una foto panoramica dell'inizio del corteo con lo stricione di apertura che recita "Noi, popoli delle Nazioni Unite".
[Events and Updates]

27th national seminar of “Tavola della pace”

“Tavola della Pace” organises the 27th national seminar in preparation of the Peace March Perugia-Assisi which will take place on Sunday, May 16. The seminar will be held in Assisi on Friday, ...

Last update 30 Apr 2010
Cover of the book "Agree to Differ",  co-publication between Tudor Rose and UNESCO for the International Decade for the Rapprochement of Cultures (2013–2022)
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Since its institution in 1999, the UNESCO Chair “Human Rights, Democracy and Peace” has contributed in guaranteeing the scientific quality and diffusion, at national and international ...

Last update 27 May 2020
CD cover from the "ABCdirittiumani" cd-rom, 2002

Educational Cd-roms

The Regional Archive "Pace Diritti Umani - Peace Human Rights" contributes to the development of activities of collaboration with schools, also through the pubblication of educational subsidies and ...

Last update 15 Dec 2010
Homepage del sito web del Centro diritti umani, in linea fino al 2002. In alto la testata con i loghi istituzionali, nella parte centrale le voci di menu per l'accesso ai contenuti.

Presentation of the Archive

The Regional Archive Pace Diritti Umani - Peace Human Rights is the tool designed to secure the steady connection between the Interdepartmental Centre on Human Rights and the Rights of Peoples of ...

Last update 26 Apr 2010
Logo for the 25th Anniversary of the Human Rights Center of the University of Padua (1982-2007).
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Presentation of the Centre

The University Human Rights Centre, established in 1982, intends to contribute to the actualisation of that which is explained in Article 1.2 of the Statute of the University of Padova, which ...

Last update 30 Jan 2017