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Vittorio Arrigoni
[Events and Updates]

Grief and Dismay for the barbaric murder of Vittorio Arrigoni

The Human Rights Centre of the University of Padua joins in the mourning and in the dismay for the murder of Vittorio Arigoni, Italian volunteer in the Gaza Strip, human rights and human dignity ...

Last update 15 Apr 2011
Father Alejandro Solalinde, Human Rights Defender
[Events and Updates]

Father Solalinde, Mexican defender of migrants’ rights, meets the students of the degree and post-graduate Course on human rights at the Human Rights Centre

The Interdepartmental Centre on Human Rights and the Rights of Peoples, in collaboration with Peace Brigades International and the Municipality of Padua, will host a meeting with Father Solalinde, ...

Last update 29 Mar 2019
[Events and Updates]

Prof Kevin Boyle, a prominent scholar and human rights activist, died on Christmas day 2010

Prof Kevin Boyle passed away on Christmas day, 2010, aged 67. Prof Boyle was one of the most prominent human rights lawyers and educators. He was barrister and law professor, among others, at the ...

Last update 12 Jan 2011

Garantire protezione. Linee guida dell’Unione Europea sui difensori dei diritti umani

Documentazione (2007)


Last update 7 Oct 2010