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Locals navigating the Atrato River

Navigating new rights and responsibilities in the Colombian Atrato River - An ecocentric approach to human rights

Created on: 23/11/2020 - Last Update: 1/12/2020
Women's meeting in the Peasant Reserve Zone Perla Amazónica - Puerto Asís (Colombia)

Women’s cuerpo-territorio: a space of domination and resistance against patriarchal extractivism

Through the analysis of the Colombian case-study and some testimonies of women human rights defenders, this article provides insights into...

Created on: 28/10/2020 - Last Update: 31/10/2020
Yemen Arms Remnant made in Italy

Human rights and international arms trade: RWM Italia’s involvement in the Yemen Conflict

This In Focus article discusses the position of business under international law and what their human rights obligations are. In...

Created on: 08/10/2020 - Last Update: 28/10/2020
People participating Women's March in Washington D.C. holding a sign written: Trans Rights are Human Rights.

Inside Turkey’s Prisons: Protecting Human Rights of Transgender Prisoners

Created on: 28/09/2020 - Last Update: 28/9/2020
soldiers are closing the border with barbed wire, under an EU sign

From Schengen to Dublin: limits of the European migration policy

This article is an excerpt of a Master thesis discussing the issue of border control reintroduction within the Schengen Area....

Created on: 21/09/2020 - Last Update: 28/9/2020
Panoramic view of Lake Charvak, a huge artificial reservoir created by erecting a stone dam on the Chirchiq River - 
Uzbekistan, Mountain, Tourist, Nature, Camping

Selected Problems of Implementation of the Espoo Convention: On the Example of the Republic of Uzbekistan

Created on: 28/07/2020 - Last Update: 2/8/2020
Bombed-out district in Sana'a

Violations of International Humanitarian Law in the Yemeni conflict: siege as a war crime

Created on: 26/06/2020 - Last Update: 6/7/2020
Immigrants arriving in Europe from the coast of Libya in a dangerously overcrowded wooden boat.

The “Security Decrees” I & II and their Impacts on Human Rights: An Analysis of Domestic and International Reactions

Created on: 09/06/2020 - Last Update: 2/8/2020
Unclassified report DINA operations and power

How did the American Administrations (Nixon, Ford, Carter) react to the human rights violations of Pinochet’s dictatorship? An account of...

Created on: 14/05/2020 - Last Update: 2/6/2020
Kenya’s Supreme Court upholds President Uhuru Kenyatta’s election victory following a re-run in 2017.

Advancing Human Rights and Democracy through Electoral Justice: The Case of Kenya

Created on: 04/05/2020 - Last Update: 13/5/2020
Figure 1 Protective accompaniment of Palestinian schoolchildren

Civilians Protecting Civilians: A Case-Study of Unarmed Civilian Protection (UCP) of Human Rights in At-Tuwani, Palestine

Created on: 07/04/2020 - Last Update: 7/4/2020
Court of Justice of the European Union

The Challenges for Asylum Seekers’ Rights from Populist Majorities’ Interventions on Domestic Asylum Procedures and the Judicial Activism of the...

In the last two decades Europe has seen a dramatic rise of populist parties which have gained increasingly large consensus...

Created on: 22/01/2020 - Last Update: 1/2/2020
Article 5 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Preventive Mechanisms in the Struggle against Torture: monitoring Places of Deprivation of Liberty to prevent Human Rights Violations

Since the mid 1970s, the growing concern about the widespread use of torture and ill-treatments throughout the world led to...

Created on: 19/11/2019 - Last Update: 19/11/2019
African child on ruins and garbage

The Warsaw International Mechanism for Loss and Damage: the Economical-Political Blockade and Future Prospects for Reparations against Climate Change...

Nowadays, the entire world is experiencing more and more the increase in frequency and intensity of climate change adverse impacts...

Created on: 12/11/2019 - Last Update: 10/1/2020
Man during Beirut protests with a flag from Lebanon

In Lebanon, People are taking back what belongs to them: Unity, Rights, public Spaces

What started as a small group of people going to the street to protest against the decision of the government...

Created on: 25/10/2019 - Last Update: 25/10/2019