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Winter School: "Microfinance in Action"

The project "Microfinance in Action" is a Winter School that took place in Nepal from September 26th to 10th October 2015, and has successively continued every year since then. The project was selected and founded by the Veneto Region (Italy) and the Human Rights Centre of the University of Padova as a way of transfering skills and expertise, sharing experiences and promoting initiatives aimed at intensifying cultural exchanges between Italy and developing countries, with particular regards to young people.
In the first year, six students from the MA Human Rights and Multi-level Governance of the University of Padova attended an educational course at the Apex College in Kathmandu (Pokhara University) and visited the "Muktinath Bikas Bank Ltd", which is committed to good corporate governance practises and banking activities within a prudent banking culture. They were also offered several meetings with Fair Trade organisations in Patan and Laliptur, a visit to the Sagarmatha International Foundation (Non-profit organisation incorporated under the Nepalese law, established by people from differents countries united by a common goal: supporting Nepal), and institutional meeting in Kathmandu at the Center of Microfinance (CMF) Nepal at the IFC (World Bank).

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