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Italian Council of Ministers: New legislative decree approved on Universal Civil Service

The approval of the decree implementing Article 8 of the law n. 106, 6th June 2016, relating to the discipline of the new Universal Civil Service has been made official.

The measure allows citizens of the European Union and foreigners legally residing in Italy to participate in the new Universal Civil Service. It also plans to reward mechanisms in favour of institutions that carry out actions with the employment of young people with fewer opportunities.

The decree also identifies the roles and responsibilities of the actors of the service. The State is responsible for leading, over three years, the organisation and accreditation of institutions, monitoring, and evaluation of Universal Civil Service. Regions and Provinces are involved in the planning and evaluation of some Universal Civil Service interventions and will be able to implement programmes using their own resources.

For volunteers, it introduces a flexible model of Civil Service with a modular duration according to their personal needs (from eight to twelve months) and gives them the opportunity to carry out part of the service (maximum three months) in another EU countries.

Intervention programmes include: assistance, civil protection, environmental heritage and urban regeneration, heritage, arts and culture, education and cultural promotion and sport, agriculture in mountain area and social , biodiversity, promotion of peace between peoples, non-violence and non-armed defense, promotion and protection of human rights, development cooperation, promotion of Italian culture abroad and support for Italian communities abroad.

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