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Political map of the Euromediterranean region which shows the 42 partners of the Union for the Mediterranean and Lybia (the only observer), 2010

University of Catania: Conference on Democratic Change in the Mediterranean

Between 19 and 21 May 2011 a Conference entitled Winds of Democratic Change in the Mediterranean? Actors, Processes and possible Outcomes takes place at the University of Catania (Sicily).

The event is organised in the framework of the Jean Monnet Information and Research Activity (IRA) on EU Foreign Policy and Democracy Promotion (EUDEM) coordinated by prof. Stefania Panebianco.

The Conference is made up by four thematic panels, integrated by two research sessions and two phd sessions. It will be concluded by a round table on the theme Civil society's contribution to democracy promotion.

Several academics and researchers from Universities in all the Mediterranean Region will participate into the Conference  and , for interested students and researchers who cannot participate,  it will be possible to attend the whole second day, via streaming, through the IRA/EUDEM website.