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The Region of Veneto

Regional human rights infrastructure

The Region of Veneto has been working in the sector of the promotion of human rights, a culture of peace and international cooperation since 1988 when the first Regional Law on those subjects was adopted – Regional Law no. 18, 30th March 1988 “Regional interventions for the promotion of a culture of peace”

In 1999, on the basis of the results and the experience achieved, Regional Law 18/1988 was substituted with the current Regional Law no. 55, 16th December 1999 on “Regional Interventions for the Promotion of Human Rights, the Culture of Peace, the Cooperation to Development and Solidarity”, whose Art. 1 claims:

The Region of Veneto recognizes peace and development as fundamental rights of the individual and of peoples, consistent with the principles of the Italian Constitution and of International Law, which solemnly declare the promotion of the rights of man and peoples, of democratic liberties and of international cooperation.

The position of the Regional Human Rights Ombudsman was created by regional law n. 37 of December 24th 2014.

The intervention of the Region of Veneto has progressively taken the traits of an organic policy - carried out with the active collaboration of civil society organizations and operators in full respect of their own initiative - which improves the regional infrastructure on human rights, peace, decentralised cooperation and international solidarity.

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