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Conferences and seminars


PhD Introductory seminars, November 2017

The Role of Human Rights Research: Current Challenges and Future Opportunities, November 2017

Interpreting Religion and Human Rights Beyond the Legal Perspective, December 2017

Multi-level Governance in interdisciplinary perspective: the theory
Multi-level Governance in interdisciplinary perspective: practices
Educational Challenges and Strategies
Intercultural Dialogue: Competences for culturally diverse democratic societies
PhD topics in connection to the MLG perspective
Léonce Bekemans, November 2017-June 2018

Shari’a and Multiple Modernities in Western Countries: Toward a Multi-faith Pragmatic Modern Approach Rather Than a Legal Pluralist One?
Adam Possamai (Western Sydney University), January 2018

Research Methods
Leslie Francis, March 2018

Il ruolo della giustizia internazionale nel processo di pace in Colombia, May 2018

PhD Annual Conference
University of Nicosia, June 2018

PhD Relay Workshop
Assisi, September 2018


PhD Introductory Seminars, November 2016

Human Rights and Multi-level governance
Prof. Léonce Bekemans, Dec 2016-June 2017

"Looking beyond the 50th Anniversary of the Covenants. What Interdependence and Indivisibility of Human Rights?"; December 2016

Seminar on the book “The Spirit Level” and projection of the documentary "The divide"
Prof Wilkinson, prof Pickett, February 2017

Research Methods
Prof Leslie Francis, March 2017

Code name Caesar: inaugurazione, March 2017

EU and fundamental rights in time of austerity
SPGI, April 2016

“New Desaparecidos”. State responsibilities for migrants and asylum seekers’ deaths at sea
Prof Touzenis, April 2017

The Recognition of Social Rights by Courts
Prof Gutierrez, May 2017

Global governance of minority rights
Prof Lennox, May 2017

Redefining genocide: settler colonialism, social death, ecocide
Prof Short, May 2017

Global Orthodoxy: Religion, Politics, and Human Rights, May 2017

Courts and right to health in Latin America
Prof Gutierrez, May 2017

Children on the move
SPGI, June 2017

A right to a standard of living: social and economic rights and the rise of neoliberalism
Prof Whyte, June 2017



PhD Introductory Seminars, November 2015

Research Methods
Prof Leslie Francis, February 2016

Theory and practice of human rights in China. A perspective of development
Prof Yang Songcai, February 2016

Religions and Human Rights, April 2016

Multilevel Public Policy Analysis: An Introduction
Prof Paolo Graziano, April 2016

Neal Hall, the poet of Human Rights, April 2016

Music and Human Rights, April-June 2016


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