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International Conference "Universality v. Particularity: Human Rights and Religions"

Friday and Saturday, 8-9 June 2018
UNESCO Anphitheatre, University of Nicosia, Cyprus

The Joint PhD Program on «Human Rights, Society, and Multi-Level Governance» offered by the University of Padova, University of Zagreb-Faculty of Law, University of Western Sydney, Panteion University of Athens, and the University of Nicosia organises the international conference: "Universality v Particularity: Human Rights and Religions", 8-9th of June, 2018.

The two-day conference will examine the aspects of the relationship between human rights and religions, universality and particularity, considering both the internal aspects of regulating human rights within a religious group, as well as the external aspects of regulating the interaction between religion and human rights on behalf of the state.

Religion is a salient aspect of a global public order. Extensive migration flows and the growth of religious plurality alongside with different levels of secularization have led to diverse models of the relationship between human rights and religion. The particularity of ethnic and cultural diversities highlights the need for a re-evaluation of the traditional legal and socio-political thinking on religious freedom within the universality of human rights.

All these aspects will be considered through a multi- and interdisciplinary approach which encompasses law, sociology, philosophy, and political science. 

The full conference programme is available at the link below.

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