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MA in Human Rights and Multi-level Governance, Winter School “Microfinance in Action”, Nepal, 2016

MA in Human Rights and Multi-level Governance: ranking list for the Winter School "Microfinance in Action", Nepal 2017

The University of Padova Human Rights Centre has opened applications for the "Microfinance in Action" Winter School for a.y. 2016/2017. The programme is expected to last from 14th September 2017 (departure from Padova) to 28th September 2017 (return from Kathmandu).

The Winter School is organised in collaboration with Apex College (Kathmandu, Nepal). The students will travel around different areas of Nepal in order to study on the field how microfinance can help developing countries in eradicating poverty and reducing inequalities in a human rights perspective. This workshop will include not only frontal lectures but also institutional meetings with experts from microfinance institutions and civil society organizations.

There are 9 places available: 7 of them are reserved for the students enrolled in the a.y. 2016/2017 in the MA in "Human Rights and Multi-Level Governance" of the University of Padova; 1 for the other students enrolled in a Master's Course of the School of Economics and Political Science; 1 for the ones of the Galilean School of Higher Education

The applicants for the exchange places will have to present a hard copy of their application (in person or via post) by 6th July 2017, at 13.00 at the University of Padova Human Rights Centre, via Martiri della Libertà 2. Padova (tel. 049.8271817).

The final performance ranking list is published below.

The selected students will be called to accept the place and to deposit a down-payment of 50 euros to confirm their place. The participants of the programme will receive a contribution of up to 900 euros for the cost of the journey, meals and accommodation.

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