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Equal rights in practice: key voices 2004

Community Action Programme to combat discrimination 2001-2006

European Commission DG Employment and Social Affairs (2004)


: Unione Europea

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: European Commission


: Belgium


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Abstract / Indice dei contenuti


From paper to practice Enforcing the anti-discrimination Directives 3

Section I Shared ownership and responsiveness 6

Section II Engaging and mobilising key actors 10

2.1. The changing role of associations 10

Specialised equality bodies and the Race Directive 12

An Association’s viewpoint: Protecting the rights of the Roma 14

2.2. Involving social partners 17

Employers: a key partner in tackling discrimination in the workplace 17 The Trade Union movement takes the stage 19

“For Diversity. Against Discrimination”: A pan-European campaign with a national identity 20

2.3. Bringing stakeholders together – The role of public authorities 22

Public authorities lead the way in the drive for equality: The UK duty to promote equality and the Race Relations Act 23


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