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Subjective measurement of participation and environmental barriers and facilitators in population surveys: use of standardized tools with a sub-sample of the Quebec Activity Limitations Survey (QALS)

Partial results of a research on personal and environmental factors associated to poverty progression (Income + Social Participation) of people with disabilities in Quebec

Patrick Fougeyrollas, Julie Tremblay, Luc Noreau, Myreille St-Onge, Serge Dumont (2006)

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The collection of data was done by phone with a sub sub-sample (n= 259) of adults with disabilities identified in the Quebec activity limitations survey (QALS QALS-1998), administered by Statistique Statistique-Québec (n =3070).

As, the original questionnaire did not document in a conceptually coherent, sufficient and useful way environmental factors and participation dimensions in order to understand their interactions, both Life Life-H and MQE short versions were added to the sub sub-sample survey assessing five years later the progression of poverty (2003).


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