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La dimensione operativa della protezione delle donne vittime di violenza nella prospettiva dei diritti umani

Paola Degani (2012)

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Pace diritti umani - Peace Human Rights, 1/2012

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: 35-62


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The Operational Dimension of the Protection of Women Victims of Violence in the Human Rights Perspective

Violence against women in the development of women’s rights and more in general in the context of the specification and multiplication of human rights process, represents an issue of overriding importance. Today, the human rights approach with regard to violence against women and related issues has gained a new centrality, not only due to the efforts on this matter that numerous multilateral organisations at international and regional level are producing in this last decade, but also for the ability of many reality at local level such as, NGOs and social operators, but also police officers, judges, doctors and so on, involved at the operational level in activities that imply the contact with victims and more in general with vulnerable women, to translate into practices and political reality, numerous documents, binding and not, produced in recent years on this subject.

The essay take into consideration the relevance that today is necessary to recognise to operative systems at national level in order to transfer the contents affirmed at international level for combating violence against women and protecting victims on the basis of human rights paradigm.

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