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The Nurturing and Development of Intercultural Dialogue through Youth Action in the Euro-Mediterranean Region: «Urban and Rural Institutes» for the Young; A Policy Suggestion for the EMP Youth Programme

C. Intercultural Dialogue and EU-Mediterranean Partnership (Malta Team)

Deniz Ilgaz (2007)

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Intercultural Dialogue and Citizenship

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: 245-262


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The third dimension of the European Mediterranean Policy (EMP) tries to achieve cultural and social development through enhancement of the civil society. Favouring close ties amongst the peoples on the shores of the Mediterranean, especially creating intercultural dialogue among the youth is one of its strong points and enormous potentials. This paper concentrates on youth activities, as these contribute in the most effective way possible to the future of the region in social and cultural cohesion, and proposes permanent structures which can make intercultural dialogue to be adopted as voluntary means to «doing together» in order to reach common and positive accomplishments.

Impacts of the Euromed Youth Programme so far have been considerable in creating communication and intercultural dialogue. The projects have contributed to promoting active participation of young people and opening them up to new cultures and ideas. Youth actions of the EMP have received a renewed impetus and have come under an envigorating decentralisation process. If further reinforced with prospects of occupational training and employment creation for the young, and situated upon permanent grounds, this programme will help build links at grass-roots level among the younger generations, and promote a better understanding of each other’s cultures, perceptions and ways of life on both sides of the Mediterranean, and foster a willingness of planning on mutual survival and work.

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