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Final Reports

4 National Reports (IT, FR, HU, RO) and a Transnational Final Report (EN)

Thanks to an indepth analysis and research, further to interviews and data collection four national reports and a transnational one have been finalised.

As a result, the Research Reports differ significantly, reflecting the various situations in each partner country with regard to: the phenomenon of trafficking into forced criminal activities and the broader trafficking phenomenon; the anti-trafficking legislation, policies, coordination mechanisms, referral systems and finally the availability of data.

Noteworthy is that the English version outlines the Idealtype Prototype of Multi-Agency Practices for a Referral System for Children Trafficked and Exploited into Forced Criminal Activities.

The mentioned prototype is an agency-specific and multi-agency human rights-based Transnational Prototype of referral practices and procedures for the identification and protection of persons trafficked into forced criminal activities. It also has a specific focus on minors and Roma people.

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