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Dalla Società degli Stati alla Comunità del genere umano

Gian Carlo Venturini (2005)

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Pace diritti umani - Peace Human Rights, 1/2005

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: 107-114


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From the Society of States to the Community of the Human Genre
Gian Carlo Venturini

After the Second World War, the emergence of international organisations and the process of international legal recognition of the human rights induced some scholars to discuss and reconsider the characters of international community. Professor Venturini wondered whether those developments brought to a new universal inter-individual community or simply to a modification of the old community of States in the form of a super-state order, under the control of a group of Great Powers. In his view, three elements mark the evolution of the international community towards a universal inter-individual community: the crisis of the State; the international legal protection of human rights; the changing structure of the international legal order. Finally, Venturini affirmed the fundamental function of natural law in regulating international relations.

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