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Course Description


The MA Degree Programme Human Rights and Multi-level Governance (HRG) aims at developing the competences to work in complex local and international contexts, in accordance with the universal human rights paradigm and based on social commitment.

Learning and Teaching Approach

The HRG programme promotes active learning and innovative teaching methods. Classes are multicultural; the programme values diversity and inclusion. Courses are in seminar form, promote the participation of students and include special modules with international organisation officers, NGO representatives, visiting scholars, diplomats. 

In the second year, a large part of the student’s work is dedicated to thesis research and to the internship

The thesis is written individually under the supervision of a member of the Master’s Faculty.

Academic Structure and Governance

Courses start on 1st October.

Exam sessions are held in February, June and September.

Graduation sessions are in February/March, June/July and October/November.

Orientation briefings, foundation seminars and skill-building sessions are also offered.

The HRG Director is Marco Mascia, professor of International Relations. The Academic Coordinator is Paolo De Stefani, professor of International Law of Human Rights. The Faculty Board is composed of all master’s lecturers and student representatives.

Extra-curricular Activities

The HRG programme organises and supports:
- a study trip to the international organisations in Geneva, which includes meetings with UN officers, human rights experts and

- seminars and conferences on human rights topics; 

- a summer school on “Normativity and Reality of Human Rights” and a winter school on “Microfinance in Action” (Nepal);

- training and simulation exercises in cooperation with the Italian Red Cross, Save the Children - Italy, the OSCE, the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights;

- student-led fundraising campaigns and thematic study-groups.


The HRG programme is strongly action- and policyoriented. 

Job positions suitable for MA graduates include:

  • human rights officer in international organisations, diplomatic service and in the public sector;
  • officer in Ombudsman structures and national institutions for human rights;
  • expert staff in electoral observation and human rights monitoring missions;
  • programme and field officer of humanitarian aid, democratic institution building and technical assistance units; 
  • expert staff in governmental structures implementing human rights-related policies; 
  • project manager in NGOs; expert staff of intercultural mediation agencies;
  • advocacy officer;
  • expert staff of ethical committees;
  • business and human rights expert at corporate organisations;
  • media specialist;
  • staff in research and planning structures of trade unions, political parties, nonprofit organisations.

Application and Entry Requirements

The call for applications is published in January (for non-Italian graduates) and April (for Italian graduates). 

Prospective students must possess a three-year BA degree (180 ECTS credits) in a field connected with the Master’s curriculum, with good grades. Partial and full scholarships are available, as specified in the annual call for applications.


1st year
63 ECTS credits

International Law of Human
Rights (9)

Human Rights and International Justice (6) or
Human Rights Practice (6)

European Union Law and Human Rights (6) or
Children’s Rights (6) (Save the Children Chair)

Human Rights in International Politics (6)

Theory and Practice of Multilevel Governance (6)

Women’s Human Rights (6) or
Refugee Human Rights Protection (6)

History of International Organisations (6)

Economics of Human Capital (6) or
Economic Globalisation and Human Rights (6)

Elective courses (12)

2nd year
57 ECTS credits

Culture, Society and Human Rights (6) or
Religions and Human Rights (6)

Microfinance for Social Change (6) 

Constitutional Development and Democratisation (6)

Language of Advocacy (6) 

Second language (6) 

Internship (9) 

Dissertation (18)


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