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Volunteer National Civil Service

Projects and experiences of Civil Service at the University Human Rights Centre

Since 2008, the Human Rights Centre has organised annual projects in the fields of education, cultural promotion and peace education for the National Civil Service (Italian Law 64/2001).

The general purpose is to enforce the activities of the Archive "Pace diritti umani - Peace Human Rights". Volunteers are involved in the following activities:

- development of tools for the communication and spreading of contents elaborated in the Centre's research areas, both at the regional level, by means of interaction with institution and local authorities, schools and NGOs, and at the national and international levels;

- promotion of a culture of pace, human rights and universal citizenship founded on international human rights law;

- writing and online publishing of multimedia and editorial contents for the website Archive Pace Diritti Umani – Peace Human Rights, in both Italian and English:

- updates on activities and initiatives of the United Nations and of other international and regional organisations;

- updating of existing data-bases: International legal instruments, international human rights law, human rights of persons with disabilities, associations and NGOs in Veneto;

- collaboration in the organisation and promotion of conferences, seminars and post-graduate courses;

- support in the management of the library and of the documentation services connected with the education and training activities of the Centre; update of the specialised library catalogue, support to users, and to the students of the Degree Courses, of the European Master in Human Rights and Democratisation and of Special high education courses;

- support in the management of the IT infrastructure of the Archive, communication networks and newsletter, activation of new tools with particular attention to open-source software.

Completed Projects

Defenders of human rights: the 'shelter city'. Actions of solidarity and democratic leadership "(2020-2021)
Volunteers: Diana Andrusesco, Stanislav Gubenko, Nathalie Gurgel Vieira, Francesca Morganella

2030 human rights agenda for inclusive and sustainable cities and communities (2019/2020)
Volunteers: Lara Campos, Sabrina Mansutti, Sofia Pieretti, Salif Sidibe

Our rights, our responsibilities (2018/2019)
Volunteers: Mary Boateng, Francesca Coppola, Daniele Marino, Alice Morello

Action in the Newsroom for a plural and inclusive citizenship (2016/2017)
Volunteers: Rosemary Burnham, Camila Casal, Alice Correal

Human Rights 2.0: pe@ce makes networks! (2015/2016)
Volunteers: Andrea Di Fabio, Luca Haddad, Beatrice Masut, Anna Meneghini

Let's connect study, work and pe@ce experiences: volunteers for growing (2013/2014)
Volunteers: Milena Anzani, Salvatore Guccione, Oldian Metaj, Cristina Vitale

Human rights education, permanent commitment
Volunteers: Priska Babuin, Valentina Baliello, Marco Da Lio

Volunteers for editorial work: Communicating human rights, developing peace (2011) 
Volunteers: Stefano Iachella, Federica Napolitano, Claudia Turetta, Letizia Virgis

Volunteers in Civil Service: human rights defenders, workers of peace (2010)
Volunteers: Graziana Cassano, Michele Cristoferi, Riccardo Marchio, Arianna Mion

Civil Service: commitment for peace and human rights II (2009)
Volunteers: Gemma Cavaliere, Giorgia Salerno, Emilio Vedovato, Lucia Zaupa.

Civil Service: commitment for peace and human rights (2008)
Volunteers: Elisa Baldon, Maria Elena Caruso, Francesco Peruzzo, Giorgia Zorzi.

Data and documents concerning volunteer civil service projects at the Human Rights Centre of the University of Padova are available in the Italian version of the website. By accessing these pages you are leaving the English Version of the Website.

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