In-Depth Analysis by the Human Rights Centre (2009-2018)

The Golden Rule

Religion and Human Rights

Over the last decades, the phenomenon of the global resurgence of religion has posed new compelling challenges to the human...

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The state coat of arms of Ukraine or commonly the Tryzub ("trident").

Human Rights in Ukraine

After gaining its independence in 1991, Ukraine signed and ratified several core international human rights conventions and treaties, making them...

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The official flag of the League of Arab States

Human Rights within the Arab League

Founded in the aftermaths of the Second World War (22 March 1945) by 6 Arab States, the League of Arab...

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A local farmer harvests sorghum produced from seeds donated by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) through the "Improving Seeds" project.

The EU's policy toward agrofuels and its impact on human rights

The heightening of the world energetic crisis and the challenges of climate change imposed the need to find new sources...

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Logo of the University of California

Activities of University of California's Visiting Students at the Human Rights Centre

Since 2007, American students from the University of California (UC), who are spending a semester or a whole academic year...

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National banners of the Member States of the UNO (United Nations Organization) outside the UN Headquarters.

The Evolution, Status and Future Position of American Environmental Policy: environmental action at the domestic level and in the context...

The following is a research paper by American students interning at the Human Rights Center and studying for the 2009-2010...

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