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Regional Law No. 21/2018

Regional interventions for the promotion and diffusion of human rights as well as cooperation for sustainable development

Regional Law 21 June 2018, n. 21 is today the normative instrument for implementation in the area of regional politics, together with the active involvement of international bodies, local authorities, universities, civil society organizations, and other public and private subjects operating in the Region of Veneto.

Article 1 states:

"The Region of Veneto recognizes peace and development as fundamental rights of the person and of peoples and operates within the regional territory to guarantee and enforce human rights, fundamental freedoms, a culture of peace and cooperation for development, in accordance with the principles of the Italian Constitution, European and international law".

For the purposes referred to in art. 1 the Region promotes and supports within the regional territory (Article 2):

a) cultural, information, awareness-raising, research, training and education initiatives in the field of human rights, fundamental freedoms and cooperation in sustainable development, including in schools;

b) the collection, systematization and dissemination of studies, research, publications, audiovisuals and documents produced at regional, national and international level, also in connection with other databases, concerning the fields of promotion and protection of human rights and cooperation for sustainable development;

c) the database of the entities operating in Veneto in the field of human rights and cooperation for sustainable development;

d) participation in [...] projects in the field of cooperation for development, in the areas of application of public cooperation for development [...] including participation in EU cooperation programs.

Regional Law n. 21/2018 establishes the Regional Table on Human Rights and Cooperation for Sustainable Development (Article 5).

The Department for International Relations, Communications and SISTAR is the reference administrative structure to enforce Regional Law n. 21/2018.

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