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MA course “Theory and Practice of Multi-level Governance”

The Jean Monnet course is an advanced, interdisciplinary and policy-oriented 6 ECT MA course, part of the integrated course "Human Rights Governance", an obligatory course within the MA programme "Human Rights and Multi-level Governance”. It provides a policy-driven and applied framework of Multi-level Governance with practices taken from the Europe/EU and international perspective.

The course objectives are:

- to familiarise with a number of concepts (such as multi-level governance, statehood, regionalism, dialogues and competences);

- to identify and assess structural characteristics of European and international organisations;

- to explore and evaluate practices of MLG, regionalism, intercultural and human rights dialogue and competence-driven activities which are relevant in the current multipolar and multilateral world as well as in the European/EU context.

The course benefits from an innovative mixture of pedagogical approaches ranging from lectures, thematic discussion seminars, students' oral presentations and the writing of research papers, all supported by an active use of a Moodle Platform. Course work is complemented by visiting lecturers, activities in the Human Rights Centre and study visits.

The teaching activities are focused on three main parts and structured in lectures, thematic oral presentations in class, and the writing assignments (short paper and a research paper). Several students write their MA thesis under the supervision of the Jean Monnet course holder. They are implemented on the basis of general course reading:

  • Bekemans, L., Globalisation vs Europeanisation. A Human-centric Interaction, International Academic Publishers Peter Lang: Brussels, Berlin, Bern, Frankfurt am Main, New York, Oxford, Wien, Sept. 2013
  • Fawcett, Louise, “The History and Concept of Regionalism”, in UNU-CRIS Working Papers, W-2013/5.
  • Behr, T. and J. Jokela, Regionalism & Global Governance: The Emerging Agenda, Notre Europe: Paris, July 2011, 39 p.
  • Bekemans, L. (ed.), Intercultural Dialogue and Multi-level Governance in Europe. A Human Rights Approach, International Academic Publishers Peter Lang: Brussels, Berlin, Bern, Frankfurt am Main, New York, Oxford, Wien, 2012.

The class activities are strengthened with supportive bilateral meetings with students and complemented with guest lectures by visiting professors organised by the Human Rights Centre and the PhD programme. Students are also invited to participate to course-linked conferences.

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