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Presention of the Course

Activated in 1985, the postgraduate courses are held on an annual basis. Because of their educational nature, they are directed to teachers, administrators of local and regional authorities, directors of associations and voluntary groups, and to recent graduate students who desire to qualify their professional education in the light of the universal human values that are at the basis of democratic systems. The courses are also useful for the development of roles in human rights monitoring and electoral observations missions.

The educational offer expresses the experience developed by the Interdepartmental Centre in the field of research and human rights and peace education according to an approach that interrelates universal values with international, national and local institutions and civil society associations.

The educational objective of the courses is to provide knowledge on methodical, cultural, scientific and professional contents in the area of the promotion and protection of international human rights. Furthermore, an additional aim is the development of the skills that are necessary to clearly and responsibly communicate the information, ideas, problems, and solutions in environments that deal both specifically and broadly with topics such as human rights, peace, democracy, and intercultural dialogue.

This type of skill is particularly useful in the area of civil society associations, organized or not, and in the world of local authorities and of curricular and non-curricular school education.

The courses also intend to provide students with the educational skills and resources necessary to develop capacity-building in the elaboration and coordination of multidisciplinary work projects, research projects, and the life-long education in a complex field of study in constant evolution as that of human rights and peace.

The academic staff is made up of university professors, diplomats, officers of international organizations, directors of non-governmental organizations, and administrators of local and regional authorities.

The educational activities are carried out in the period between February and May and require 72 hours of seminars and lectures. The lectures are normally held on Monday and Tuesday, in the afternoon. The course is valued 12 ECTS.

The courses are carried out with the collaboration of the UNESCO Chair “Human Rights, Democracy, and Peace” of the University of Padua and with the support of the Department for International Relations, Human Rights, and Equal Opportunity of the Government of the Region of Veneto.

So far, the 21 post-graduate courses offered have been attended by more than 600 graduates. The latest course was held during theA.Y. 2008 - 2009.

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