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Publication opportunities

The papers presented in the panels of the International Conference could are encouraged to be submitted for the consideration of Peace Human Rights Governance (PHRG) the University of Padova Human Rights Centre (double blind) peer-reviewed scientific journal (https://phrg.padovauniversitypress.it/). 

PHRG is four-monthly and open access. It aims to present original contributions, both theoretical, methodological and empirical, to current human rights issues while actively favouring the development of a solid multi- and inter-disciplinary, and multi-level approach to human rights research and dissemination.

For those who want to be considered for this publication opportunity, the final version of the paper should be submitted through PHRG manuscript submission form by 15 December 2018. The paper should be formatted according to the guidelines presented in that page (possibly using the word template provided).

PHRG peer-review policy is available here: https://phrg.padovauniversitypress.it/about-phrg.

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