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Associations / NGOs in the Veneto

In the framework of Regional Law 55/1999 "Regional Interventions for the Promotion of Human Rights, the Culture of Peace, the Cooperation to Development and Solidarity" Art. 2 (c), the Regional Archive “Pace Diritti Umani – Peace Human Rights” conducts a census of public and private subjects operating on regional territory in the fields of: human rights, the culture of peace, and cooperation to development and international solidarity.

The database "Associations and NGOs in the Veneto" provides files of the civil society organisations which are active in the themes of Regional Law 55/1999 in our region.

The aim of the database is to realise a useful tool to improve active cooperation and networking among civil society organisations, schools and local authorities, and to enhance the participation, in particular of young people, in an active commitment towards the promotion of the culture of peace and of the protection of human rights.

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