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Human Rights Centre at Ghent University

Gent, Belgium


The Human Rights Centre is an integral part of the Faculty of Law of Ghent University. The Centre aims at bringing together the expertise on human rights and freedoms within the Faculty of Law of the Ghent University. The main objective of the Centre is to promote and coordinate research in the field of human rights, provide education and disseminate information on human rights and freedoms, both in Belgium and abroad. Amongst others, special attention will be paid to cooperation with African and Latin American based universities, institutes and research centres. An important part of the research conducted within the Centre has a legal orientation, encompassing both Belgian law and European and international law, as well as comparative analyses in the field of human rights. Apart from legal research, the Centre is also involved in interdisciplinary research related to human rights. It organises seminars and conferences at regular intervals on topics relatingto human rights.






Human Rights Centre

Universiteitstraat 4

9000 Gent, Belgium


Centre for Research on Peace and Development

Leuven, Belgium


The Centre for Research on Peace and Development was created in 2011 at the Faculty of Social Sciences at Leuven University (KU Leuven). The Centre conducts conceptual, empirical and applied research with the aim of improving our understanding of the causes of violent conflicts and the challenges of sustainable peace building. The Centre’s overall objective goes beyond the analysis of how to break the conflict trap and includes an investigation of how the peace-development nexus can be promoted. Also CRPD brings together researchers from within the Faculty of Social Sciences with different disciplinary backgrounds, including political scientists, public management experts, anthropologists, sociologists and communication experts. Research on conflict and sustainable peace building is a broad field of study, which is reflected in the Centre’s three main research clusters: governance, conflict causes and dynamics, challenges of sustainable peace building.





Arnim.Langer AT soc.kuleuven.be



Centre for Research on Peace and Development (CRPD)
KU Leuven
Parkstraat 45, box 3602
3000 Leuven, Belgium


UNESCO Chair in Building Sustainable Peace

Leuven, Belgium


In 2007, the United Nations Economic, Social and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) and the Faculty of Social Sciences of the KU Leuven agreed to establish the UNESCO Chair in Building Sustainable Peace. The UNESCO Chair in Building Sustainable Peace forms an integral part of the Centre for Research on Peace and Development (CRPD). Among the objectives of the Chair are to advance multidisciplinary research into the conditions for building sustainable peace, and the causes of war and other forms of violence; to promote worldwide cooperation designed to assist the advancement of peace research, in particular, to promote studies and teaching related to the pursuit of sustainable world peace; and, to encourage worldwide dissemination of results of peace research.



Arnim.Langer AT soc.kuleuven.be



Centre for Research on Peace and Development (CRPD)
KU Leuven
Parkstraat 45, box 3602
3000 Leuven, Belgium


Leuven Institute for Human Rights and Critical Studies (University of Ku Leuven) (Faculty of Law - Research Unit of Public Law)


The Institute (then called 'Institute for Human Rights') was founded in 1987 and is part of the Faculty of Law, Department of Public Law of the Catholic University of Leuven.
The activities within the Institute focus on research and education in International and European Human Rights Law, with a particular focus on the law of the European Convention on Human Rights.
The professors and assistants working at the Institute are responsible for various human rights courses and tutorials taught at the K.U.Leuven, the University of Hasselt and the European Inter-University Centre for Human Rights and Democratisation (EIUC) in Lido di Venezia, Italy.


Faculty of Law
Tiensestraat 41
B-3000 Leuven - Belgium
Tel.: ++ 32 16 32 54 34
Fax: ++ 32 16 32 54 66



Centre for Global Goverance Studies (University of Ku Leuven) (Humanities and Social Sciences Group)


The Centre has been set up in the Spring of 2007 as an exciting new interdisciplinary research centre of the humanities and social sciences at the KU Leuven. The Centre’s aim is to make high-quality, innovative and policy-relevant contributions to the study of globalization, governance processes and multilateralism with a particular focus on the European Union’s role in global governance. In 2010, the Centre has been recognized as a KU Leuven Centre of Excellence.
The Centre is a cooperative venture between a number of Leuven research groups that have become active in interdisciplinary research over the past years in five focus areas
- trade and sustainable development;
- peace and security;
- human rights
- democracy and rule of law;
- European Union and global governance.


House De Dorlodo
Leuven Centre for Global Governance Studies
University of Leuven/KU Leuven
Charles Deberiotstraat 34
B-3000 Leuven




The Research Group Law and Development (Antwerpen - Anversa) (Faculty of Law)


The Law and Development research group strives to put the University of Antwerp on the map as a place where legal research is conducted on topics that are relevant from a development perspective. Of special interest to the research group is the reinforcement of the rights and the legal position of vulnerable populations in developing countries, against the background of economic globalisation.

The research group’s work is interdisciplinary in nature and not bound to a specific field of legal study. The group is therefore open to lawyers interested in international public and private law (including environmental law, criminal law, employment law, commercial law and human rights), comparative law, legal pluralism, and law and society in a third world context.

The Law and Development research group unites researchers working at the Faculty of Law, (amongst others researchers connected to the Centre for Law and Cosmopolitan Values), the Institute of Development Policy and Management (IOB), and the Institute of Tropical Medicine (ITG).
The researchers aspire to:

  • establish an internationally recognized centre of expertise, for example by playing a leading or active role in European and international research networks
  • raise publication output (including PhDs, publications in peer reviewed journals, books)
  • attract external research funding (including other than those offered from the central departments of the university, and foreign)
  • develop cooperation with legal institutions and researchers from the global south
  • further cooperate with non-academic actors working on the rights of vulnerable groups


Stadscampus - Gebouw V
Venusstraat 23
2000 Antwerp


+32 3 265 52 37



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