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Booklets, Educational CD-roms and Toolkit

The Human Rights Centre Booklets

Among the peace and human rights education activities the Human Rights Centre has been publishing a new series of pocket size easy to be read books. 

List of published Booklets (all in Italian):

Booklet no.6 - Codice Internazionale dei diritti umani, 2008

Booklet no. 5 - Diritti umani e pace valori universali, 2007

Booklet no. 4 - Pace, diritti umani e cooperazione decentrata in Italia: le leggi regionali, 2005

Booklet no. 3 - La difesa civica in Italia: le leggi regionali, 2004

Booklet no. 2 - Educare alla pace e ai diritti umani: il mandato, 2003

Booklet no. 1 - Codice internazionale dei diritti umani, 2003


Educational Cd-roms

The Human Rights Centre and the Regional Archive "Pace Diritti Umani - Peace Human Rights" contribute to the development of cooperation activities with Italian school, albo by means of training aids and educational cd-roms, which are directed toward both teachers and students. 

List of published CD-roms (all in Italian):

Diritti umani: profili per un approccio formativo (2008)

La Dichiarazione universale dei diritti umani interattiva! (2008)
Tutti i diritti umani per tutti

Diritti umani, cittadinanza europea e dialogo interculturale (2004)
Esperienze e lavori delle scuole del Veneto - A.S. 2003/2004

Adotta un diritto umano (2003)
Educazione alla cittadinanza e alla solidarietà: cultura dei diritti umani

ABCDiritti umani (2002)
Diritti umani, pace, sviluppo, interculturalità e solidarietà nella scuola


The toolkit is a useful tool for teachers aimed at acquiring the basic knowledge to stimulate a different awareness on the theme of trafficking in human beings for the purpose of sexual exploitation  among students. The toolkit has been fully published both electronically and paperly in Italian, Polish and German. Part of the material is available also in English, only in the electronic version.

Diritti umani e tratta di donne e giovani

Human Rights and Trafficking in Women and Young People in Europe

Der Handel mit Frauen und jungen Menschen - europäische Dimensionen einer

Prawa Człowieka a Handel Kobietami i Młodymi Ludźmi w Europie. Przybornik edukacyjny