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Peace Research Group (Centre de recherche pour la Paix, CRP)

Paris, France



The Peace Research Group was established on February 10th, 1998 as a research unit of the University of Social and Economical Sciences of the Catholic Institute of Paris. Its purpose is to contribute to the realisation of the peace imperative as the fundamental ethical imperative of life. By its activities of research and university work, the CRP has developed a real expertise on international relations, targeting its analysis on conflict prevention and resolution and peace construction. The CRP’s project is articulated around a team of about 15 researchers, who cross their skills to create a dynamic of transverse and multidisciplinary research.


Peace Newspaper (Journal de la Paix) quarterly, in association with Pax Christi.

Acts of colloquiums.


fasse AT icp.fr


Faculté de Sciences Sociales et Économiques

21, rue d’Assas

75006 Paris


Research Center on Human Rights and Humanitarian Law (Centre de Recherches et d’Etudes sur les Droits de l’Homme et le droit humanitaire, CREDHO)

Sceaux, France



The CREDHO was established in 1990 at Rouen Law University at the initiative of Paul Tavernier, Law professor and director of the CREDHO since 1996. It then opened another branch in Sceaux, near Paris.

Its ambition is to gather all people interested in Human Rights and Humanitarian Law. It has a multidisciplinary calling and has many contacts with international organisations such as UNESCO, Council of Europe, Red Cross and many NGOs.

Its research projects are articulated around 5 areas :

- constitution of a database on Human Rights, Civil Rights and Humanitarian Law

- aspects of the legal power of fundamental rights in Europe

- globalisation and universality of Human Rights

- globalisation and penalty of International Law

- Human Rights and Rule of Law in Africa


Annual news report (state of research, theses, bibliography)

Publication of the Credho books, available on the website since 1994: https://www.credho.org/credho/publications.htm



credho AT credho.org


Université de Paris-Sud - Faculté Jean Monnet

54, Boulevard Desgranges

92331, Sceaux, Cedex


Research Center on Human Rights and Humanitarian Law (Centre de Recherches sur les Droits de l’Homme et le Droit Humanitaire - CRDH)

Paris, France



The CRDH of the Panthéon-Assas university (Paris II) was established in 1995 by the deans Mario Bettati and Gérard Cohen-Jonathan. Since 2003, its director has been professor Emmanuel Decaux. Its vocation is based on these 5 areas:

- postgraduate education, with two Master’s degrees on Human Rights and Humanitarian Law

- documentation within the framework of a specialised library, which is listed in the national university network: Sudoc

- supervision of the individual research of the PhD students connected to the Centre

- animation of the collective research, through the organisation of colloquiums and study days

- implementation of international networks and realization of contracts of study

Besides, the CRDH has a more general activity of raising awareness and information by organising conferences of current events and by developing audiovisual and computer programs within the framework of the Francophony.


The CRDH maintains a regular cooperation with some big French publishing houses specialised to favour the publication of its colloquiums and study days, as well as theses and collective research. The list of publications is available on its website : https://www.crdh.fr/recherche/publications/



crdh AT u-paris2.fr


Université de Paris Panthéon-Assas Paris II


12 place du Panthéon

75231 Paris Cedex 05


Human Rights and Intercultural Dialogue (Droits de l’Homme et Dialogue Interculturel - DHDI)

Paris, France



The aim of the working group on Human Rights and Intercultural Dialogue (HRID / DHDI) is to create a forum for meeting, dialogue and research on issues related to Human Rights and Intercultural Dialogue. Its goal is also to broaden our perspective on Law via intercultural dialogue and a crossing of different approaches in the anthropology of Law and in the theory of Law.

The dynamic has its roots in research led over the last three decades within the Laboratory of Legal Anthropology of Paris (LAJP - Laboratoire d'Anthropologie Juridique de Paris), which, in spite of its vast diversity, is characterized by the LAJP's fundamental requirement to always relate the observed legal practices and discourses to the systems of thought and to the logics which underlie and generate them. The HRID seeks to bring together different streams of research by encouraging team work and by offering a setting in which these approaches can develop in a continuous working dynamics. Since 2004, collective research has mainly been focused on the question of Law, Governance and Sustainable Development in intercultural perspectives.


Publication of an Internet mailing list: possibility of joining on the website


c.eberhard AT free.fr


Laboratoire d’Anthropologie Juridique de Paris

Université Paris I Panthéon Sorbonne

Centre Malher

9 rue Malher

75181Paris Cedex 04


Institute of the Right of Peace and Development (Institut du Droit de la Paix et du Développement - IDPD)

Nice, France



In 1968, professor René Jean Dupuis created within the framework of the university of Nice, a University department dedicated to International Law. This department is a postgraduate unit which welcomes every year many students of 35 different nationalities. Its director is professor Alain Piquemal.

The object of the Institute is to study current problems of European and International Law, public as well as private. As such, formation and research particularly emphasize on the preservation of peace, humanitarian law, human rights, international co-operation and international organisations, among which the European Union.

For this purpose, formation and research are closely coordinated. The Institute has since its creation, allowed the viva of several hundreds of reports and theses.


List of the different publications (colloquiums, reports, recent work, magazines...) on the website: https://www.unice.fr/IDPD/rech_tout.htm



cammarer AT unice.fr


Université de Nice Sophia-Antipolis

39, Avenue Emile Henriot,

06050 Nice Cedex 1


French Society for International Law (Société Française pour le Droit International - SFDI)

Strasbourg, France



The SFDI was established following a colloquium which took place on March 17th and 18th, 1967. The society was created on October 1967, in Strasboug, by Suzanne Bastid. Its principal areas of expertise are: International Law, Human Rights and Globalisation.

The SFDI is composed of 550 members, among whom more than 70 students. It has created a thesis prize, the “Suzanne Bastid Prize”, in honour of its founder. Its activities revolve around colloquiums, study days, prizes awarding, research, formation and practice.


List of publications (colloquiums, theses...) on the website: https://www.sfdi.org/publications/



secretairegeneral AT sfdi.org

actualites AT sfdi.org


Université de Strasbourg

Société Française pour le Droit International

1 place d’Athènes – BP 66

67045 Strasbourg Cedex




Institute of European Law on Human Rights (Institut de Droit Européen des droits de l’homme - IDEDH)

Montpellier, France



The research program of the IDEDH is centered on the general theme of the European standards of human rights and methods of interpretation of the European judge. Its work revolves around these areas : the praetorian elaboration of an European law of human rights, the reception of the European standards in internal law, the training of a community law of fundamental rights, Human Rights and transformation of the general international law.


4 publications by the IDEDH every year - 3 theses every year - a few projects and colloquiums


frederic.sudre AT univ-montp1.fr


UFR Droit

39 rue de l’Université

34060 Montpellier Cedex 2



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