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Arqus Winter School 2021: Rethinking climate risk

The Arqus Winter School is a unique educational opportunity that engages students in thinking about what it means to be a European Citizen, and how this citizenship is being galvanised around societal challenges. It is a challenge-based approach to educating critically engaged European citizens. 

This semester, the Winter School is being run in parallel at all seven Arqus universities, and the challenge that students are going to reflect upon and address is climate risk. Due to the pandemic, the one-week Winter School will take place virtually starting from February 22. The morning plenary lectures will be held as Zoom webinars from Monday to Friday at 9-11 am. Anyone interested can watch the lectures as attendees but without the possibility of interaction. 

The topics of the lectures will be:

  • Mon 22nd Feb Rethinking climate risk and science
  • Tue 23rd Feb Mapping the natural causes of climate risk
  • Wed 24th Feb Making connections: climate risk and social transformation
  • Thu 25th Feb Scenarios of responding to climate risk
  • Fri 26th Feb Climate risk and European Citizenship

The more details of the lectures and links to connect to the webinars are available on the Winter School website.