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Global Campus of Human Rights: Online Course on Counter Human Trafficking in Southeast Asia (SEA)

The Global Campus of Human Rights is expanding its educational offer with an Online Course on Counter Human Trafficking in Southeast Asia. It is going to examine the programmes, practices and activities of counter-trafficking through the analysis of aspects such as raids and rescues, litigation, organising, education.

The course is going to speak to experts in this area from trade unions, NGOs, international organisations and ask them how counter-trafficking is done, what kind of organisations are involved, what the successes, challenges and failures are and what the role of research is, with the aim to equip participants with valuable insights, knowledge and skills.

The Global Campus of Human Rights strongly believes that open education plays a crucial role in developing and promoting human rights. By accessing the incredible knowledge of a network of 100 member universities from across the world, enabling the students to improve their skills on a variety of subjects and connect with learners across the globe.

For more information on online courses, please visit the webpage of the GC.

The Global Campus of Human Rights is an interdisciplinary centre of academic excellence supported by the EU. It strives to promote human rights and democratisation through education, training programmes and research, and via a global network of regional partners in Argentina, Armenia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Lebanon, South Africa and Thailand. The Global Campus’ main headquarters are based in Venice, Italy.