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Deatail of the Cover of the European Yearbook of Human Rights 2012
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The European Yearbook of Human Rights 2012 has been launched

The 2012 issue of the European Yearbook of Human Rights (EYHR) has been launched. The Yearbook is jointly edited by the representatives of four major European human rights research, teaching and training institutions and contains extensive sections on developments in the field of the three main organizations charged with securing human rights in Europe: EU, Council of Europe and OSCE. Each organisation is analysed in a specific section made up by several contributions by academics, diplomats, professionals and human rights experts.

Further chapters are dedicated to the Arab Spring, the role of civil society in human rights protection and to other cross-cutting topics.

On the whole, the European Yearbook of Human Rights 2012 offers twenty-eight essays which both individually and as a whole, form a very substantive contribution to the analysis of the situation of human rights in Europe in the year 2011.

The book is edited by Wolfgang Benedek (European Training and Research Centre for Human Rights and Democracy – ETC of the University of Graz), Florence Benoît-Rohmer (European Inter-University Centre for Human Rights and Democratisation – EIUC, Venice), Wolfram Karl (Austrian Institute for Human Rights – OIM, University of Salzburg, Manfred Nowak (Ludwig Boltzmann Institute of Human Rights – BIM, University of Vienna). Matthias C. Ketteman (Institute of International Law and International Relations, University of Graz) is associated-editor.

To order a copy, follow the indications included in the attached file.