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Digital solutions to fight COVID-19

The Use of Digital Health Technology during the Covid-19 Pandemic: Risk assessment in data privacy rights

Julianne Freire, a human rights and legal adviser, initially practiced law in Brazil after graduating with a Bachelor's in Law from the University of the Amazon. Subsequently, she pursued a Master's ...

Last update 26 Mar 2024
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United Nations: Counter-terrorism 'rhetoric' used to justify rise of surveillance technology

Some countries and private companies are using “counter-terrorism and security rhetoric” to justify a major increase in the deployment and use of cutting-edge surveillance technology, ...

Last update 23 May 2023
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FRA: Test algorithms for bias to avoid discrimination

Artificial intelligence (AI)-based algorithms affect people everywhere: from deciding what content people see on their social media feeds to determining who will receive State benefits. AI ...

Last update 30 Dec 2022
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Spyware and surveillance: Threats to privacy and human rights growing, UN report warns

During the fifty-first session, the Human Rights Council enacted the Annual report of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights and report of the Office of the High Commissioner and the ...

Last update 5 Nov 2022
Cover Peace Human Rights Governance Journal PHRG - 2017
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PHRG - Peace Human Rights Governance: the June 2022 issue is out

The issue of June 2022 of the University of Padova Human Rights Centre's scientific journal, Peace Human Rights Governance (PHRG), has been released (PHRG 6(1), June 2022).   The issue ...

Last update 18 Jul 2022
report on learners privacy security
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UNESCO: Global dialogue on evolving dimensions of the right to education. New report on learners’ privacy and security

The COVID-19 pandemic greatly accelerated the use of digital technologies in education. But beyond the emergency response, there is an international trend towards exploring how artificial ...

Last update 5 Jul 2022
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Human Rights Watch Report: Students privacy violated by education technology products

Human Rights Watch has recently published its report on children’s rights violations committed by governments that endorsed online learning during the Covid-19 pandemic. The report is a global ...

Last update 16 Jun 2022
online child sexual exploitation
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Independent experts’ report for CoE: Automated technology to detect online child sexual abuse must respect human rights

Independent experts’ report for the Council of Europe says the technology used to detect the online sexual abuse of children must respect human rights and the rule of law. The scale of online ...

Last update 12 Jul 2021
Cover Peace Human Rights Governance Journal PHRG - 2017
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PHRG - Peace Human Rights Governance: the March 2021 issue is out

The first issue of 2021 of the University of Padova Human Rights Centre's scientific journal, Peace Human Rights Governance (PHRG), has been released (PHRG 5(1), March 2021). The issue ...

Last update 1 Apr 2021
Elena Pagliarini, Cremona nurse, portrayed exhausted and asleep in a photo that has become an icon

Italian bodies

Authority for Communications Guarantees(AGCOM) Report on online disinformation: Special issue on coronavirus coronavirus N.2 (italian), 28 April 2020.  Report on online disinformation: ...

Last update 30 Nov 2020
Digital solutions to fight COVID-19
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Digital solutions to fight COVID-19

A new Council of Europe report has identified a number of shortcomings in the protection of privacy and personal data in some of the legal and technical measures adopted by governments to ...

Last update 20 Oct 2020
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The Italian Data Protection Authority presents to the Italian Parliament its annual report

The Italian Data Protection Authority presented to the Italian Parliament the annual report on the activities carried out in 2015. The report underlines the importance of three main themes, namely: ...

Last update 5 Jul 2016

Comitato per i diritti dell'uomo delle Nazioni Unite

Documentazione (1988)


Last update 9 Nov 2010