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Workshop Education to intercultural dialogue. Thematic Network Activities: Intercultural dialogue & Multi-level Governance. Padua, Palazzo del Bo, Archivio Antico/Aula Nievo, 22-23 March 2011

Workshop "Education to Intercultural dialoge", University of Padua, 22-23 March 2011

The Workshop was organized by the Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence of the University of Padua, in the framework of...
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Speech by Maria Magdalena Sepùlveda Carmona, Independent expert of United Nations on Human rights and Extreme poverty issues, Aula Magna,...

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View of the room of the Archivio Antico (Ancient Archive), Meeting on ratification perspectives of the Optional protocol to the Convention against torture (OPCAT) by the Italian parliament, University of Padua, 26 March 2010

Public meeting on the Italian Parliament's Prospects of Ratification and Implementation of the Optional Protocol to the UN Convention against...

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