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Department for Social Services

The Department of Social and Health Services is in charge of providing social and health services and is a means of connection, communication and coordination among regional institutions and personal care associations, such as Social and Health Local Authorities, Municipalities, NGOs, families, family-social assistants and social cooperatives.

The Department focuses in particular on seven areas of intervention:

  • Minors
  • Young people
  • Families
  • Elderly
  • Not-self sufficient persons
  • Disabled people
  • Third sector

In particular, the Department is involved in the organisation, coordination and technical assistance in the promotion and support of families and children, in the implementation and improvement of integrated social and health services for elderly people, in activities for prevention and treatment of addictions, promotion and realisation of projects for young people and initiatives for cultural exchange in order to favour the collaboration among associations, cooperatives and volunteering entities. Moreover, the Department for social and health services offers its expertise and assistance in the field of collaboration among local entities, regions, State and the European Union.

The Department operates in the interregional sphere through the coordination of companies in the areas of expertise and at the national level in the context of institutional activities related to the Conference of the Presidents of the Regions and of the Autonomous Provinces and of the State-Region Conference. One particular commitment is aimed at institutional activity in the European and international spheres.