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Functions and Activities

The Regional Archive Peace Human Rights aims to disseminate information about the activity of civil society associations and promote the creation of networks and communication channels with the world of associations and of NGOs, in accordance with the spirit of the Regional Law 55/99.

In order to fulfil this objective, beyond the activities of documentation and research provided by the website and by the Library, the Archive has been providing for a census of those bodies which operate on the themes of the Regional Law 55/99 and to make the data collected through an online database available to the public.
Moreover, by means of an electronic noticeboard, the Archive provides for the diffusion of these associations' documentation, initiatives and projects; it also periodically sends a newsletter via email and the Bulletin "Peace Human Rights" to registered associations.

The Archive keeps relationships of active collaboration with local governments and administrations of Veneto and of other Italian regions, either through the activities of information and communication offered by the website, sending a periodical newsletter, or through the cooperation in the promotion of public meetings on important national and international themes, such as intercultural and inter-religious dialogue, international systems for the promotion and protection of human rights, protection of the human rights of people belonging to vulnerable groups, crisis situations, international role of local and regional governments, city diplomacy, decentralized cooperation to development, international peace missions, international democracy, etc.

Concerning schools, since 2000, the Archive has continuously contributed to teacher and executive staff training, which is promoted annually by the Interdepartmental Centre and by the UNESCO Chair "Human Rights, Democracy, Peace" of the University of Padova, the Regional School Office of the MIUR (Italian Ministry for University and Research), the International Relations, International Cooperation, Human Rights and Equal Opportunities Department of the Region of Veneto. In this contest, the Archive has promoted, with the active participation of school teachers, the realisation of educational CD-ROMs. Since the a.y. 2008/2009 the Interdepartmental Centre has managed the "Special High Education Training Courses for Experts in Civic Education, Human Rights, Citizenship, Constitution".

The Archive cooperates with the European Master Degree in Human Rights and Democratization, offering a vast experience in supporting students during their bibliographical researches into the Library and in the use of informatic equipment. This experience is indispensable for students of the European Master that attend their second semester courses and prepare their theses at the Interdepartmental Centre of the University of Padova. In order to further develop and qualify the educational offer to the European Master's students in Padua, they are given the opportunity to participate in a trip to Geneva, in order to follow the meetings of the United Nations Human Rights Council and in intensive research seminars in Florence, concerning children's rights issues at the UNICEF Innocenti Research Centre.

The Archive also contributes to the realisation of Postgraduate Courses on Human Rights and the Rights of Peoples organised by the Interdepartmental Centre in cooperation with the UNESCO Chair "Human Rights, Democracy and Peace", developing diversified activities in order to give adequate answers to organisational commitments and to scientific and cultural needs. Trainees are supported in the research and selection of documentation in which they are interested; another contribution regards the selection of educational aids and of in-depth analysis which are distributed to the Course's participants; documentation and in-depth elaboration for the trainees, given by teachers during the lessons, are published online in the web pages dedicated to the Course.

The activity of technical and scientific support given by the Archive must also be highlighted, that carry out the activities planned according to specific agreements stipulated between the Interdepartmental Centre and the Office of the Ombudsman for Children, as well as the Office of the Ombudsman of the Region of Veneto.

The Regional Archive Pace Diritti Umani – Peace Human Rights

The regional archieve Pace Diritti Umani - Peace Human Rights has a specialised library which includes books, international reviews on human rights, official documentation of United Nations, UNESCO, the Council of Europe, OSCE and European Union's human rights-related bodies;

The Archieve manages and administers the following thematic databases:

- International Human Rights, Humanitarian, Criminal and Refugees Law
- Publications of the Human Rights Centre (since 1982)
- Ombudsman in Italy in Italian regions, provinces and municipalities with more than 5000 inhabitants
- Local Authorities, peace and human rights. The norm “peace human rights” and equal opportunity in Italian regions, Provinces and the Municipalities with more than 5000 inhabitants
- Associations and NGOs of the Veneto: actors working in Veneto on human rights, the culture of peace, decentralised cooperation, international solidarity, interculturality.
- Human Rights of Persons with Disabilities
- Online catalogue of the Library “Piergiorgio Cancellieri”

The Archive also

- edits the Bulletin “Archive Pace Diritti Umani - Peace Human Rights”, research papers and cd-roms
- edits the four-monthly Review “Pace diritti umani - Peace human rights”
- publishes daily thematic in-depth analysis, news and events, and a monthly newsletter
- supports the educational and research activities of the degree courses on International relations, human rights and peace of the University of Padova
- provides specialised assistance to local, regional and national authorities that work on human rights protection and in particular to the Region of Veneto
- collaborates with schools in the elaboration and dissemination of educational programmes on peace, human rights, democracy, disarmament, human security and intercultural dialogue
- collaborates in the management of the Ombudsman for Children of the Region of Veneto's website
- provides specialised information on the UNESCO Chair “human rights, democracy and peace”, established at the University of Padova in 1999.