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Regional Commission for Equal Opportunity

The Commission for Equal Opportunity between Men and Women of the Region of Veneto was created under Regional Law No. 62, 30 December 1987, "Institution of the Regional Commission for the realization of equal opportunities between Men and Women".

The Commission has its office at the Regional Government (Giunta) and is the consultative organ of the Region for initiatives regarding gender politics, to advocate the realization of the principle of equality and of equal opportunity sanctioned by the Constitution and by the Regional Statute.

In particular, according to art. 2 of law n. 62, the Commission:

  • […] also together with both other committees for equal opportunities for men and women established at central and local level and with other entities in the field of gender equality:
    a) promotes and undertakes surveys and studies on the situation of women and on problems related to women’s conditions in the Region, paying particular attention to obstacles in the field of employment, work and professional training;
    b) raises awareness on the outcomes of these surveys and studies, and more in general on situations of inequalities and related initiatives to overcome them
  • […] provides its opinion on laws and bills on women condition, elaborating its own suggestions to promote gender equality.